Optimized Nutrient Salt

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Evolutionally as a terrestrial animal, human kidney has the capacity to retain sodium and can live with as low as around 500 mg of sodium per day. But our capacity to retain potassium is low. Many studies show there is a deficiency in potassium intake and an excess intake of sodium in the modern diet. For optimal functioning of body sodium to potassium ratio in the diet and body should be around 1:3, but in modern diet it is showing a tendency for reversal of the ratio leading to lifestyle diseases like hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, urinary stone and osteoporosis.

To solve the problem of potassium deficiency and sodium excess in the diet and associated lifestyle disease challenges we need a salt composition which has a proportion of sodium and potassium 1:3 ratio. Search for an ideal salt composition resulted in the development of optimized nutrient salt. The patent application was submitted in India in 2017 February and to WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) in 2018 January.