Learn how congenital patients have benefited from health optimization provided by CAP.

  • Ill health for either parents especially in periconceptional period (3 to 6 months before conception) including infections and lifestyle diseases and the medication can increase the possibility of congenital anomalies in babies.
  • Diseases of pregnant mother including infections and lifestyle diseases or the drugs taken as medication can increase the possibility of birth defects in baby.
  • There are many tests available to detect structural and genetic defects in the baby in utero using blood test of the mother or the baby, ultrasound scan, amniotic fluid study, foetal MRI etc.
  • In ART procedures there is facility to do embryo biopsy and genetic study of the cells of embryo before implanting inside the uterus.
  • Structural anomalies like cleft lip and palate, kyphosis, cardiac septal defects etc if diagnosed early can be corrected by lifestyle modulation of mother to a great extent.
  • If a child is born with birth defects, couple should consider optimization of health to both couple and planned pregnancy in future pregnancies.
  • Aberrant lifestyle of parents, and the pregnant mother is the most common cause for congenital anomalies to baby.
  • Deficiency of one or more nutrients to the developing sperm, egg or the baby in utero or fertilization of aged egg or sperm are the root causes for most of the birth defects in baby.
  • Exposure to toxins including excess nutrients or drugs in the form of medication, toxins from food, cosmetics, body care, air pollution etc to the developing sperm, egg or the baby in utero may lead to birth defects in baby.
  • Most cases of birth defects are preventable by proper planning, preparation, optimizing lifestyle and optimizing health for the couple before conception.
  • Sedentary lifestyle and excess fat accumulation can compromise the health of the baby due to DNA damage.
  • Nutritional deficiency especially the deficiency or a change in the ratio of omega 3 and 6 fat in food can affect the nervous system development and mental capabilities of child including autism, hearing defect, defect in eye site etc.
  • Health optimization with cell activation before conception will ensure the health of sperm, egg and the baby.
  • Cell activation and planning pregnancy with modern medical support to find the peak fertile days and ensuring opportunity for fertilization at peak of egg and sperm health give the foetus a head start.
  • In case of unplanned pregnancy and aberrant lifestyle lead to a structural anomaly to foetus and detected early by an anomaly scan can still be corrected in utero with cell activation treatment in most of the cases.
  • Optimized nutrient compositions ensures all nutrients in the optimal proportion for the growth and development of the foetus and reduce toxic load on baby thereby promote recovery.
  • Oxyflex activity pattern ensures optimal blood circulation to foetus and maternal organs during pregnancy thereby ensures nutrient reach and waste disposal and support the baby for recovery.
  • Growth, development and recovery depends on the omega 3 pathway, the anti inflammatory healing pathway of the body. High content of omega 3 fat in optimized nutrient food with other body building nutrient in optimal proportion promote healing and recovery from birth defect in utero.
  • Helps to correct structural defects like cleft lip and palate if diagnosed in anomaly scan at second trimester of pregnancy.
  • Help to have healthy baby in couples with balanced genetic defect like balanced translocation, fragile X syndrome, other genetic disorders, or in couple give history birth to physically or mentally challenged children of unknown cause.
  • Protect the mother and child from pregnancy complications like gestational diabetes and hypertension.
  • Cell activation support during pregnancy optimizes growth and development of baby and improves the immune status of mother and protect from infections.
  • Optimized nutrient food and body care protect the mother from stretch marks of pregnancy by controlling weight gain and nourishing the skin directly.
  • In cell activation treatment there is no possibility of side effects to mother or foetus as there is no use of drugs or surgery.

Message for Medical Practitioners - Congenital defects in utero

In Science Behind you will be able to get an understanding of the approach of Health optimisation by Cell activation for different health conditions and disorders.

Case Study is a compilation of sample patient cases where Health optimization with Cell activation has been beneficial for a wide variety of different health conditions and disorders.


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