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Planning pregnancy and CAP

  • February 06, 2020

Infant mortality has reduced with advancement in medical technology but, prematurity associated health problems, birth defects, learning disability. autism etc are increasing. Optimization of couples health before conception and maternal health optimization during pregnancy will help to avoid complications in pregnancy like preterm delivery, diabetes, hypertension etc and ensure better health to baby. Cell activation treatment helps to optimize the health of the couple and thereby overcome infertility even in couple who faces multiple IVF failures and recurrent abortions.

Health of a child depends on the health of the sperm and egg. Proper preparation and planning by the couple before pregnancy is important for the health of our future generation. It takes almost three month for the growth and development of a sperm and egg to get ready for fertilisation. So the couple should start planning and preparing at least three months before getting pregnant to ensure their child gets the best of their genetics and to ensure optimal nutrition and protection from toxins for the developing egg, sperm and embryo. It is the responsibility of each parent to make sure that their child is brought into this world after proper preparation and planning. Understanding about the peak fertile days with modern medical help and trying for conception while the egg and sperm is at the peak of its health is crucial to overcome infertility and to give a head start for your baby.

It takes around three months for the development of egg and sperm, so the preparations should start at least 3 months before the date of expected conception. Cell activation will help you to optimize your health by optimizing your body composition with optimal nutrition, stimulation and protection from toxins. Most common cause of infertility is poor health of egg and sperm. So improving the health of sperm and egg and finding out the peak fertile days with medical support is crucial for a successful healthy pregnancy for those couples facing fertility problems.

Cell activation treatment will help to reduce weight if you are overweight or help you to increase weight if you are underweight. Correcting the body composition and fat mass to lean mass ratio is important for balancing hormones and immune system activities. Optimized nutrient food will ensure optimal nutrition for the growth of your gametes, egg and sperm and the embryo. If you are on medication for lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, fatty liver, allergies, psychiatric illness etc you will be able to taper off most of the medication with health optimization. Medications taken during pregnancy can induce serious health problems for the baby including birth defects, autism and learning disorders, psychiatric disorders and sexual dysfunction in teenage or adult hood etc. So it is very important to start pregnancy in optimal health and after stopping all medications if possible. This will ensure an uneventful pregnancy and delivery of a healthy baby.

Complications of pregnancy like abortions, pretem labour, gestational diabetes, hypertension etc and health problems to new born including birth defects can be prevented to a great extent by optimizing health and planned pregnancy. Premature delivery needing expensive and complicated neonatal care like ventilatory support to newborn is avoidable if we are able to optimize the health of mother during pregnancy with cell activation. Enter pregnancy in optimal health and ensure optimal nutrition, ensure optimal physical activity to ensure optimal blood circulation to the uterus and baby, and protect the baby from toxins in the form food, cosmetics and medications.

Hormonal imbalance is the most common cause of male and female infertility. Overweight and underweight both negatively affect fertility by inducing an imbalance in reproductive hormones, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone level. Obesity leads to an increase in estrogen in both male and female due to the synthesis of oestrogen in the adipose tissue. So the first step in infertility treatment is to reduce weight if either of the couple is overweight.

With cell activation treatment one can reduce around 15-20% weight in 2-3 months. Weight reduction with cell activation will help to correct hormonal imbalance and improve the health of egg and sperm and reverse lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension etc if any. Correction of lifestyle diseases increases the pregnancy rate irrespective of other supportive treatment like ovulation induction, IUI, IVF, ICSI etc and also reduce abortion rate and incidence of pregnancy complication and premature birth.

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