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Prediabetes & Cell Activation

  • March 27, 2019

Hypoglycemic attacks occurring in type 2 diabetes patients is not a symptom or the complication of diabetes, but it is a side effect arising from the use of insulin or drugs. Diabetes medications are directed to bring down the elevated blood sugar, if the blood sugar level goes too low it will affect the body functions negatively. The nerve cells of the body , especially the brain cells depend on glucose for the energy requirements and the fall in glucose level below desirable levels leads to impairment in electrical impulse transmission manifesting as tiredness, unsteadiness, shaky hands and legs, fainting or if lasting for long leads to loss of consciousness and is called hypoglycemic attacks.

In type 2 diabetes the insulin level in the blood is actually high, but the insulin is not able to act effectively due to insulin resistance. In conventional treatment we are trying to overcome insulin resistance by injecting more insulin or by promoting the pancreas to make more insulin with drugs to overcome the insulin resistance. This drug induced hyperinsulinemia can induce hypoglycemia when the food intake is delayed or if the physical activity is more will result in reduction of blood glucose.

Blood glucose level is controlled in the body with the help of interplay of many hormones and neurological stimuli. Glucose levels in blood vary depending on food intake and physical activity. Each drug we use to treat diabetes may have the same or a different mode of action and makes things more complicated. For effective control of diabetes/ blood sugar with a fixed dose of medication it is mandatory to fix the quantity and timing of food intake and activity level of the person. Any change in food intake or physical activity will lead to poor control of blood sugar or hypoglycemic attacks in diabetes patients treated with insulin and drugs.

Generally diabetic patients on medication develop a self awareness on the signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia and adjust food intake to avoid/prevent a hypoglycemic attack. This leads to over weight gain, excess fat accumulation and increase in insulin resistance and further worsen blood sugar control needing an increase in dose of insulin or other medicines for blood sugar control. High blood sugar induced blood vessel damage is the root cause of complications associated with diabetes like diabetic neuropathy, nephropathy, foot ulcers needing amputation, retinopathy and loss of vision.

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease. In the Cell Activation Program for diabetes we are focusing on the root cause correction, the lifestyle optimization under clinical support with the help of optimized nutrient food, drink, body care and oxyflex movement protocol. This will enable the patient to follow a healthy lifestyle and control blood sugar and other clinical parameters like blood pressure, cholesterol etc without the help of any drugs and lead a healthy medication free life.


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