CAP Info Sheet

What is Cell Activation Treatment?

Cell Activation Treatment is a new approach in modern medicine developed by Dr. Jolly Thomson MD with more than 30 years of experience in modern medical management. Unique nature of this approach is optimizing health along with treatment and prevention of diseases. In this treatment protocol all the cells in your body are activated with optimal nutrition, stimulation and protection from toxins. This strengthens not only your immune system but also strengthens all the cells in your body. This treatment method reduces the workload of the immune system and excretory organs like the liver and kidney by reducing toxin intake and promoting removal of toxins.This makes recovery faster and prevents recurrence.

For which health problems?

This treatment has a role in all aspects of health care from prevention and treatment of chronic health problems like diabetes and obesity, from infertility to recurrent abortions and pregnancy complications, disorders like congenital anomalies detected in foetus, psychiatric illness, skin diseases like psoriasis, eczema, allergy etc, hormone imbalances,pimples and balding, cardiovascular disease and stroke, for underweight to gain weight, asthma, allergic rhinitis and sinusitis, arthritis, cancer, autoimmune diseases or any other chronic illness. This is also effective in speeding up recovery from injury, infection, surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc.

What is the effectiveness?

Health evaluation and treatment is done under the supervision of modern medicine doctors and followed up with latest laboratory and diagnostic facilities to assess progress in health which makes it evidence based medicine. Our goal is to free you from lifestyle diseases, make recovery faster from injury and infections and optimize your health by optimizing the body composition at cellular level.

How safe is this approach?

There is no possibility of side effects in this treatment method because there is no medication or surgery involved. Optimized nutrient food is the medicine in this approach.

What are the general benefits?

While you take Cell Activation Treatment for type 2 diabetes not only your blood sugar gets controlled, but also your associated health issues like obesity, leg pain, kidney problems, eye problems, nerve damage, hypertension,atherosclerosis, allergy, piles etc also get relief. Blood sugar will be under control in a few days without medication.Diabetic medication will be stopped on the day one of treatment and other medications can be tapered off slowly.You can confirm the effectiveness by checking the blood sugar before starting treatment and 2 hours after optimized nutrient food.

Our efforts are aimed at giving every individual the opportunity to prevent, treat and reverse lifestyle diseases and minimize the need for drugs and surgeries. Cell Activation approach makes lifestyle correction simple and easy.Our goal is to make sure every baby is conceived in optimal health, the best in every child blooms, the youth lay strong foundations for their future, the adults confidently overcome challenges and senior citizens enjoy freedom and grace. We are proud to invite you to know and experience the unique Cell Activation Treatment, the new approach for health optimization, prevention and treatment of diseases, optimize your body shape, fitness and body composition, delay the aging process and keep your metabolic age below the chronological age.

What makes this unique?

  • Safety. As there are no drugs or surgery involved there is no possibility of side effects.
  • Optimized nutrient food is the medicine in this approach.
  • No requirement for hospitalization. It can be taken on an outpatient basis.
  • A single treatment course gives relief to many health problems.
  • Optimization of health is achieved by optimizing your body composition at molecular level.

COST (Approx.)

Registration- INR 100/-  

Consultation (outpatient)- INR 300/- for 14 days.

Preliminary Telemedicine consultation- INR 300/-

Detailed Telemedicine consultation and health evaluation- INR 5000/-

Follow Up Phone consultation- INR 100/- for each call.

Investigations- Actual cost. Preliminary health evaluation investigations before starting CAT- INR 6,000 – 14,000/- as per the health issues. For those suffering from suspected autoimmune diseases, blood vessel block, cancer etc may need additional investigation. Follow up investigations will be needed as per the health issues and initial reports. 

Cell Activation Protocol Training (Charges includes professional charges, training and follow up)

CAT Phase 1 Training and follow up– INR- 30,000/-  Intensive Training 1 month. Follow up 2 months or more depending on the health issue. Can be taken as a single step to minimize hospital visits or in three steps. If taken in three steps payment can be made as instalments of 10, 000/- during each step.

CAT Phase 2 and 3 Training- Optional after Phase 1. Needed for those seeking 1. Stress reduction. 2. Delay aging or reverse accelerated aging. 3. Improvement and maintenance of Body aesthetics and shape. 

Cost of Support Products– Includes approximate cost for nutritional/food & body care support. First 3 months- around INR 10,000-15,000/- per month as per the health issues. Continuation treatment if needed according to health issues INR 3,000-15,000/month. (Includes approximate cost for food & body care support). 

Medicines- Actual cost. Use of drugs will be minimal and if the patient is on medications for health issues they can be tapered off according to improvement, symptomatic relief and investigation reports.

Caretaker Training fees- INR 5,000/- Responsible care taker is needed to support sick patients who need caretaker for personal care due to mental or physical disability or being a minor(child). In such cases a close relative of the patient or a home nurse is trained along with the patient. 

Nine Day Program- INR 14,950/- If you have any doubt whether you can follow this clinically monitored lifestyle optimization protocol you may initially join for a 9 day program and experience its initial benefits.


Appointment:​ Confirm prior appointment with the time and date for starting CAT.
Dress​:​ Make sure you are wearing comfortable dress for practicing body movements like raising legs. Wear full length bottom and top.Avoid saree, skirt for ladies and shorts and mundu for men.
Make sure​ you can avoid phone calls and other disturbances during training (around 4 hours).
Bystander: Is not allowed during the training time unless opted for training as a caretaker. Those who are sick and need the support of a caretaker can avail caretaker training.
Caretaker Training fees:​ INR 10,000/- Caretaker preferably a close relative of the patient or home nurse who will take care of the patient during the treatment period may be trained along with the patient.


Patients:​​ Should be willing to follow the instructions on food intake, body care use and activity patterns. The health benefits of cell activation treatment is from correcting the body composition at cellular level through lifestyle modulation.Self-care to maintain the body composition is important for the continuation of health benefits.
Children: In case of children (below the age of 18 years) one of the parents/guardian also should start the health optimization program with the child. Experiencing the practical aspect of CAP along with the child by the parents/guardian is important to guide and support the child. Basically CAP is a lifestyle optimization protocol closely linked with food, body care and physical activity. Support of family members especially those who are staying with the child is crucial for success.


(Costs mentioned are subject to change)