Best care for Covid19 begins when Lifestyle Optimization and thereby Health Optimization done with CAP support is able to stop medications for lifestyle associated diseases like diabetes, hypertension, fatty liver etc before you meet covid19 virus. Cell Activation Protocol (CAP) helps to reduce weight and control obesity, a major risk factor for Covid19 associated complications. Equally important is CAP helps to balance the immune system,  balances the inflammatory and anti inflammatory activities of the body and prevent uncontrolled inflammatory response and tissue damage with covid19 infection.

Severe complications of covid19 infection like cytochrome storm syndrome (CSS), acute respiratory distress syndrome(ARDS) and multi organ failure occur when the patient is already suffering from  lifestyle related health issues like obesity, diabetes, hypertension etc. The best way to protect you from Covid19 related health issues is to optimize lifestyle and reverse lifestyle diseases and come out of medications for such diseases. Till you optimize your health, adopt strict reverse quarantine.

The most important challenge to overcome covid19 infection is the individual’s correct awareness regarding the connection between lifestyle related health issues like obesity, diabetes, hypertension and morbidity and mortality associated with Covid19. Lifestyle diseases are inflammatory in nature. These individuals’ immune systems may overreact to Covid19 virus infection leading to a hyper inflammatory response and damages the virus affected cells and organs by self immune response.


The second challenge is to understand how you can use lifestyle optimization to protect you against lifestyle related diseases and protect you from complications of Covid19.


A full understanding of  health optimization with CAP support has helped many patients with one or more lifestyle related diseases like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, vessel blocks allergy etc to get relief and come out of medication within a month or two.


Pre existing lifestyle associated inflammatory diseases are often treated with symptomatic medications and the root cause of inflammation and immune system derailment, the lifestyle factors are not identified or addressed.

Covid19 infection is similar to other types of flu, but for those who have pre existing lifestyle diseases complications can occur. Lifestyle diseases are defined as diseases linked with the way people live their life. These are non-communicable diseases. This is commonly caused by lack of physical activity, unhealthy eating, alcohol, drugs and smoking. Diseases that mostly develop as a result of our lifestyle are heart disease, stroke, obesity, autoimmune diseases, allergies, cancer and diabetes. It also include Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, atherosclerosis, asthma, cancer, chronic liver disease or cirrhosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome hypertension, metabolic syndrome, chronic kidney failure, osteoporosis, PCOD, depression, obesity and vascular dementia.

Often ignorance about hypertension promotes patients to go for drug therapy at the initial stage itself when lifestyle correction should be the preferred option.

  • Asymptomatic. Some healthy people who are infected with Covid19 virus may not develop noticeable symptoms at any point in time.
  • Common symptoms of Covid19 infection include fever, cough, fatigue, shortness of breath, and loss of smell and taste.
  • Other symptoms. Some people experience gastrointestinal symptoms such as loss of appetite, diarrhea, or nausea. Some people have a sore throat, headache, vertigo, or other symptoms.
  • Duration. The time from exposure to onset of symptoms is typically around five days, but may range from two to fourteen days. Mild cases typically recover within two weeks, while those with severe or critical diseases may take three to six weeks to recover. Among those who have died, the time from symptom onset to death has ranged from two to eight weeks.
  • Complications can occur in patients having pre existing lifestyle diseases, In such patients disease may progress to acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) possibly precipitated by cytokine storm, multi-organ failure, septic shock, and blood clots.
  • Pneumonia and Post Covid Pulmonary fibrosis is a serious complication which may affect the quality of life in the long run.
  • Comorbidities. Most of those who die of COVID‑19 or develop post covid sequelae have pre-existing (underlying) conditions including obesity, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, renal disease and cardiovascular disease. Reports show 97% of people died had at least one comorbidity with the average person having 2.7 diseases.
  • Cardiovascular complications may include heart failure, arrhythmias, heart inflammation, and blood clots.
  • Liver. Approximately 20–30% of people who present with COVID‑19 have elevated liver enzymes reflecting liver injury.
  • Neurologic manifestations include seizure, stroke, encephalitis, and Guillain–Barré syndrome (which includes loss of motor functions).
  • Children may develop paediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome, which has symptoms similar to Kawasaki disease, which can be fatal. Over fat children with sedentary and unhealthy eating habits are more prone for Covid associated complications.
  • Many aspects of health challenges associated with this novel virus are not yet clear and may take years for getting a clear picture.

Understanding the root cause of Covid19 associated complications is important for prevention and  treatment of covid associated health challenges. Lifestyle associated change in body composition with an increase in fat mass to lean mass ratio and an increase in essential fatty acid omega 6 to 3 ratio at cellular level leads to chronic inflammation in the body. This high level of inflammation has a major role in increased incidence of Covid19 associated complications. This root cause is also related to a group of lifestyle related diseases where presence of one may indicate the presence of one or more of the others.

The real villain in Covid19 pandemic is the pre existing hyper inflammatory status of the body’s immune system associated with lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity, hypertension etc and not the Covid19 virus.

Covid19 complications:-

  • Covid19 is an infectious disease caused by an RNA virus named Covid19.
  • Most people who are infected with Covid19 are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms, but some people, those who are suffering from an inflammatory disorder like obesity, diabetes, hypertension etc develop acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) possibly precipitated by cytokine storm, multi-organ failure, septic shock, and blood clots.
  • Immune system derailment. Imbalance in the immune system activities resulting from excess inflammatory activities at cellular level is the root cause of CSS (cytokine storm syndrome) and covid associated complications, death and if survived, cause of fibrosis, organ damage and post Covid sequelae.
  • Role of essential fat omega 3 and 6. Omega 3 and 6 fat has a major role in control of immune system functioning and a change in omega 3 to 6 ratio in our body at cell has an important role in initiation of hyper inflammatory response to Covid19.
  • Role of omega 6 fat and excess inflammation. Omega 6 content in modern diets is high leading to high omega 6 content at cell level. Omega 6 fat is proinflammatory and is responsible for inducing inflammation and flaring up of inflammatory response.
  • Role of omega 3 fat. Omega 3 fat is anti inflammatory and plays a major role in control of inflammation and repair and rebuilding of damaged cells and tissue. In the modern diet the omega 3 content is very low which plays a major role in increased incidence of inflammatory disorders.
  • Omega 6 to 3 ratio. Genetically the human body has evolved on a diet with omega 6 to 3 ratio around 1:1 to function optimally. The paleolithic diet had an omega 6 to 3 ratio around 1:1. Many studies show this ratio has changed in modern diet and has gone up to 20 to 40:1.
  • Increase in fat mass to lean mass ratio in the body due to sedentary lifestyle and high calorie diet also play a major role in genesis of inflammatory diseases and Covid19 associated complication. Obesity, overweight and protruding tummy are the signs of excess fat in the body, which predisposes the individual to lifestyle diseases and covid associated complications.

Management challenges

The individual’s  awareness of lifestyle optimization,  health optimization and reversal of lifestyle diseases can change the management of Covid19 pandemic from agent (virus) and environment  oriented to host (human body) oriented.


Challenge in medical treatment

The individual’s  awareness on  avoiding the causative factor and lifestyle optimization as ealy after the diagnosis or suspicion of cancer can reduce the need for complicated and risky cancer surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation, and reduces the possibility of recurrence in future.

Challenges To Win this Covid War

As there is no effective vaccine or antiviral against Covid19 preparing the host, the human body to fight the virus is equally important. We are following hand washing, social distancing,, using mask and lock down rules to prevent viral spread from the beginning of Covid19, even though the number of people infected are increasing day by day. Majority of people who get infected are either asymptomatic or show mild symptoms of the common cold. Only those who have pre existing inflammatory disorders of lifestyle origin like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, liver and kidney dysfunction etc or those on chronic medication especially with immunosuppressive drugs are going into covid related complications including death and long term sequelae like pulmonary fibrosis. Symptomatic control of lifestyle diseases with medication is not protecting the covid infected patients from hyper inflammation associated complications.

Management objectives

In Covid protocol along with measures to slow down spread of infection and treating the hyper inflammatory response with immunosuppressants preparing the host(human body) to correct the immunological imbalance is also equally important. Lifestyle diseases which predisposes the patients to Covid associated complications are currently treated symptomatically, the root cause the unhealthy lifestyle was not addressed. This symptom oriented focus of treatment should be changed to root cause oriented treatment, that is lifestyle optimization. If we can enable the patients with lifestyle disorders to optimize the lifestyle we can reverse the lifestyle diseases like type 2 diabetes and hypertension, dyslipidemia, fatty liver etc within 2 to 3 months. Till then the person should observe reverse quarantine just like senior citizens and those who have weakened immune systems.

Approach – Root cause

Symptomatic control of lifestyle diseases with medications will not protect the individual with lifestyle diseases from Covid associated complications. Focus should be on addressing the root cause and not symptoms.


It’s a scientifically proven fact that most Covid19 related mortality and morbidity is associated with pre existing lifestyle disease. Therefore to win this Covid war we should enable each individual suffering from lifestyle diseases to optimize lifestyle, reverse lifestyle diseases and taper off medications for lifestyle diseases. Lifestyle optimization can prevent, treat and possibly reverse most of the lifestyle associated inflammatory disorders. Cell activation treatment is developed to support the person to optimize the lifestyle in this current sedentary but fast lifestyle. CAP helps to strengthen the immune system. Cell activation support helps to ensure optimal nutrition to all 50-70 trillion cells in the body and helps to reduce toxin/ allergen exposure and reduce inflammation level.

Focus – Optimising Health

Reducing inflammation and optimising immune system functions is the foundation for protecting the individuals from complications of Covid19.

  • Reversing lifestyle diseases. Lifestyle optimization with cell activation support will enable the patient to reverse lifestyle disorders and come out of medications.
  • Avoiding Medications. Long term medication taken for lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease etc add stress on the immune system, liver and kidney functions and weakens the immune system. Cell activation helps to overcome such lifestyle diseases and enables the person to reduce/ stop such medication and reduce the possibility of Covid19 associated complications.
  • Clinical support and supervision. Cell activation treatment is a clinically supported and monitored lifestyle optimization treatment and the goal is optimization of immune system functions and keeping the metabolic age below chronological age.
  • Optimization of health. Cell activation treatment takes care of three major aspects of lifestyle nutrition, physical activity and reducing toxic exposure with the help of optimized nutrient compositions and oxyflex activity protocol. This helps overcome lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension etc and thereby avoid Covid related complications.
  • Reduction in toxic load. Cell activation treatment provides optimal nutrition with ready to use optimized nutrient composition including food, drink and nutrient based skin care support based on optimized nutrient food, oil and salt. These support products are free from preservatives, colours, taste makers and other additives of no nutritional value.
  • Strengthens immune system. Optimized nutrient food with high omega 3 fat and omega 3 to 6 ratio 1:1 balances the inflammatory and healing activities and strengthens the immune system.
  • Weight reduction in obese. Calorie control and oxyflex help remove excess fat and helps to reduce excess weight and protruding tummy and give relief from associated comorbidities like knee pain, heel pain etc. Helps to reduce 5 to 10% weight in a month.
  • Oxyflex focus. Oxyflex is a gentle breath regulated segmental physical activity protocol which can be done in a lying position and will not strain any part of the body. It is suitable for those who have mobility restrictions, sickness or are overweight.
  • Prevents tissue damage. Helps in regeneration of damaged cells and prevents progression of disease and tissue damage while fighting Covid19 or any other infection or injury.
  • Improves lung function. Health optimization along with omega 3 and other essential nutrients in optimized nutrient food helps repair and regeneration of damaged cells while fighting Covid19 or any other infection or injury.

Improves quality of life.

Total health improvement will help to overcome other serious and silent  health challenges.

The goal of cell activation treatment as preparation to face Covid19 is optimization of health, reverse lifestyle diseases if any and thereby prevent Covid associated complications which usually occur in patients with lifestyle associated comorbidities. Cell activation treatment focuses on optimal functioning of the body at a cellular level including all 50-70 trillion cells of the body. So it simultaneously corrects, elevated blood pressure, elevated blood sugar and insulin level, elevated triglyceride and cholesterol level and many other blood and physical parameters while reversing lifestyle related health issues like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, arthritis,  psoriasis, eczema, depression etc.

  • Reduce morbidity and mortality. Cell activation helps to reduce inflammation and helps to prevent Covid19 associated complications and morbidity.
  • Reverse lifestyle diseases. Cell activation helps to reverse lifestyle associated diseases and reduce/ stop medications.
  • Surgical interventions. Avoid / reduce the need for surgical interventions for lifestyle associated diseases like diabetes, heart disease, arthritis etc.
  • Reduce/stop medications for lifestyle diseases. Long term medication taken for lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease etc has a role in many allergic disorders, cancers and autoimmune disorders. Cell activation helps to overcome such lifestyle diseases and enables the person to reduce/ stop such medication.
  • Skin health. Optimized nutrient oil based skin care helps to nourish the skin directly and protect the skin from sun damage and fasten recovery and reduce/ stop the need for cosmetic and skin care preparations for wrinkling, dryness etc.
  • Preventing /helps to overcome depression. Covid19 associated financial instability and if the test becomes Covid positive, treatment in isolation wards make the patients prone for psychological disturbances like depression, mood swings, suicidal thoughts etc. CAP helps to normalise the neurotransmitter balance and smoothens nerve conduction which helps to regain mental stability.
  • Prevention of an array of associated health conditions. Helps to recover from other health issues like constipation, piles, obesity, hypertension, elevated cholesterol, fatty liver etc.
  • Improves strength and safety. Optimized nutrient food along with oxyflex stimulation increases muscle and bone mass, strengthens the body, improves flexibility and prevents falls and fractures.
  • Health optimization improves well being and confidence. Helps to reduce weight in overweight and obese and help to regain body shape, beauty, strength and youthfulness.
  • Reverse accelerated aging. Reduce oxidative stress and accumulation of metabolic waste inside the cells and help to keep metabolic age below chronological age.
  • Skin. Optimized nutrient skin care nourishes and protects the skin and delays aging signs like wrinkles and dryness.
  • Lung health. Cell activation protects the lung from Covid associated  damage and prevents pulmonary fibrosis as post Covid19 sequelae.
  • Prevent organ damage. Improve kidney function and liver function, reverse fatty liver, reduce elevated blood triglyceride, uric acid, liver/ pancreatic enzymes level etc.

Patient options

The informed patient is  the key to treatment success.

  • Cell Activation Program (CAP) is normally a 3 month Outpatient Program for Health Optimisation.
  • In lifestyle disease patients, duration may be extended depending on the time required for correcting the body parameters to optimal level to prevent recurrence.
  • Ideally an initial evaluation visit is essential and follow up visits vary case by case.
  • Telemedicine care also is available with courier delivery of CAP support kit for those who are severely ill or have travel restrictions.
  • Conventional treatment for lifestyle diseases except anti diabetic medication can be continued along with CAP initially and can be tapered off with normalization of physical and laboratory parameters and with correction of lean mass fat mass ratio and omega 3 to 6 balance.
  • You have overweight, obesity or protruding tummy please get a check up for early diagnosis and reversal of lifestyle associated diseases thereby prevent Covid19 related complications.
  • You are on chronic medication for any lifestyle related disease you should optimize lifestyle and come out of medications to prevent covid19 associated  complications. CAP will help you to optimize lifestyle and thereby prevent Covid19 associated complications.
  • You suspect Covid19 infection or become Covid positive, take Covid treatment as per local authority directions and ensure complete rest during the symptomatic phase and another 15 days after recovery to avoid post Covid complications.
  • You  suspect high risk for any lifestyle related disease and you want to check out how you can benefit from optimising health with Cell Activation you can call / fix an appointment at Life Care Centre.

Message for Medical Practitioners - Hypertension - Heart attack and Stroke

In Science Behind you will be able to get an understanding of the approach of Health optimisation by Cell activation for different health conditions and disorders.

Case Study is a compilation of sample patient cases where Health optimization with Cell activation has been beneficial for a wide variety of different health conditions and disorders.


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