Learn how underweight, weight gain patient have benefited from health optimization by CAP.

  • BMI (body mass index=Weight/height in metre square) below 18.5 is considered underweight.
  • Biometric evaluation, body composition analysis and diagnostic test will help to understand the basic pathology
  • In the current sedentary lifestyle underweight people may have a higher percentage of fat in the body leading to inflammatory diseases.
  • Underweight people who do heavy physical work will have low fat percentage compared to lean mass (muscle and bone weight).
  • Insufficient intake of food due to eating disorder or lack of food.
  • Physical or mental illness including anorexia, type 1 diabetes, hyperthyroidism, cancer, or infections like tuberculosis, gastrointestinal or liver problems, drug abuse etc.
  • Heavy physical exercise.
  • High calorie optimized nutrient food with a calorie intake of 3000- 4000kcal per day is advised.
  • Oxyflex simulation will improve blood circulation to cells and ensure enough oxygen and nutrients to promote cell division and growth.
  • Person can achieve around 10 -20% weight gain and can reach optimal weight with in 3 months in most cases.
  • Optimized nutrient food with all nutrients in correct proportion with high omega 3 fat and omega 3 to 6 ratio 1:1, balances and strengthen the immune system.
  • Weight gain and restoration of lean mass fat mass ratio will increase body strength, optimize body shape, health and beauty.
  • Optimized nutrient skin care helps to overcome skin problems if any and protects, nourishes and keep the skin smooth and young.
  • Helps correct the root cause of being underweight.
  • Person can achieve around 10 -20% weight gain and can reach optimal weight within 3 months in most cases.
  • Improve stamina, confidence level and personality with weight gain.
  • Will become more efficient and productive in all aspects of life.
  • Regain body shape, increase body strength, immunity and resistance to infection.
  • Along with weight gain cell activation treatment will help to recover from other health issues like allergies, irritability, addictions, depression, dyslipidemia, atherosclerosis, constipation, piles etc.
  • Optimized nutrient food along oxyflex stimulation help to increase muscle and bone mass. and optimize lean mass fat mass ratio.
  • Helps to prevent osteoporosis and fractures.
  • Strengthening the muscle will improve body strength and prevent and protect from fall.
  • Improve growth and development, regain body shape, strength and youthfulness.
  • Optimized nutrient skin care nourishes and protect the skin and delay aging signs like wrinkles and dryness.

Message for Medical Practitioners - Underweight, weight gain

In Science Behind you will be able to get an understanding of the approach of Health optimisation by Cell activation for different health conditions and disorders.

Case Study is a compilation of sample patient cases where Health optimization with Cell activation has been beneficial for a wide variety of different health conditions and disorders.


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