Child Overweight / Obesity

The best treatment for Child Overweight / Obesity begins with CAP under medical supervision reverses the factors that created the condition.

This is done by providing optimised nutrition with low calories, improving metabolic rate by maintaining a safe level of activity and avoiding toxic exposure including medications that may promote weight gain which reduces the stress associated with weight reduction.The stress of obesity stems from inability to perform many activities associated with the age and the management of this is also a part of the treatment goals. A child with Overweight / Obesity should also be looked at from the point of any associated medical conditions as added precaution.

Childhood obesity often exhibits a distinct start time which is normally related to a change in lifestyle and may be associated with stress.

The most dangerous challenge of Childhood Obesity is the feeling of most parents of obese children that the child will lose weight naturally as he/she grows up and it would not have any health impact on them.

Child hood obesity begins with overfeeding of the child as bottle feed or semi solid calorie rich weening food by the age of six months and agrevated by gifting sweets, soft drinks and frys in later life.

Often the initial weight gain is often mistaken by ignorant parents as a sign of positive growth as they expect children to have quite a bit of fat and relatively less muscle. This growth soon reaches a stage when the child is not able to control hunger and thirst for calories and becomes a victim of Hyperpalatable Foods.

The stress created in children as a result of obesity makes them “Victims of Lifestyle” and then it is like a trap that promotes itself and soon is not in a position to listen to parents who may have realised their mistake.

Very often if not under clinical supervision weight loss can be confused with water loss and muscle loss in the body.

Very few parents and children understand that their hunger and fatigue are not satisfied by the nutrient deficient foods they were currently consuming and a change in nutrition would be needed to satisfy their real body needs.

Perceptions like the above promote short cut solutions for quick results which often have minimum benefits over time. These repeated efforts make it difficult to identify practical solutions to reduce the risks associated with the condition before becoming a victim of such diseases. Soon obesity becomes a chronic and complex condition.

The second challenge is to understand how the individual can use lifestyle optimisation to control further damage, return to a perceived healthy target weight and protect against other lifestyle related diseases and maintain a desired quality of life.

A full understanding of health optimisation has helped many children with obesity to reduce weight to desired levels under clinical supervision. This makes weight reduction less stressful, improving on body composition and prevents weight gain later as the person’s attitude changes with the confidence of success. Most importantly the parents and the child starts to evaluate healthy options in food and activity like never before.

This helps to protect against associated health conditions like high triglycerides, prediabetes, hypertension, respiratory problems, certain cancers, etc.


Symptoms of overweight and obesity are often ignored as the issue is taken as a sign of growing up and only a temporary phase of little future impact. Soon it becomes the area of conflict between parents and the child. In public it ends as excuses by parents while children suffer for now and the future.

Diagnosis of Childhood Obesity can be made from body mass index calculation. It is best to have a clinical evaluation for children. Most important aspect for prevention, treatment and reversal of obesity is to understand what is the ideal weight for height at the corresponding age. Generally overweight and obesity is considered a sign of health and is more common among old people and lower socioeconomic strata. This misconception plays a major role in increased incidence of obesity as the parents and grandparents want their children and grandchildren to look plump as a sign of health. It is good to remember that in the last century, a good number of the population especially children suffered from hunger and had relatively thin and many a time an emaciated look. This can be seen in old black and white photos. Presently we see such images in areas of severe famine.

  • Recognise overweight and obesity: Unhealthy weight should be recognised by parents and guardians. They are responsible to monitor it and act on it before the development of resultant health challenges.
  • Restriction on activities: When children are not able to perform activities which are of common nature because of overweight special care should be taken. This may be a warning.
  • Lack of flexibility: Reduced flexibility at an early age also requires special attention as otherwise it can lead to muscle atrophy and obesity which will create a poor lean mass fat mass ratio.
  • Childhood Obesity requires immediate attention: Childhood Obesity is a serious medical condition that affects children and adolescents and if not corrected can lead to poor quality of life, health and performance.
  • The beginnings of Cardiovascular risks: The beginnings of plaque deposits starts in childhood and the relationship between obesity and circulatory fat (Lipids) is very strong.
  • Children are becoming victims of adult lifestyle disorders: Childhood Obesity is particularly troubling because the extra fat often starts children on the path to health problems that were once considered adult problems — diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
  • Future of obese children: Many obese children become obese adults, unless steps are taken to manage at the earliest.
  • Obese parents and child obesity: The link between parental obesity and children is common, especially if one or both parents are obese. The lifestyle factor in such families can also play a major role.
  • Childhood Obesity associated mental stress: Childhood Obesity can also lead to poor self-esteem and depression which can lead to undesired behaviour patterns.
  • Family health optimisation: The best method to reduce Childhood Obesity is to improve the eating and exercise habits of your entire family. Treating and preventing Childhood Obesity helps protect your child’s health now and in the future and helps unleash the full potential.
  • BMI for children: The body mass index (BMI), which provides a guideline of weight in relation to height, is the accepted measure of overweight and obesity. Ideal body weight for a child is to be found out based on the height, physical activity and age. It is always best to have a clinical evaluation for children rather than depend on BMI.
  • Body elemental composition changes from fat excess: Human body is composed of around 65% water at molecular level and 65% oxygen, 18.5% carbon, 8.5% hydrogen and 3% nitrogen at elemental level. When fat accumulates body composition changes and percentage of carbon increases, oxygen and water percentages decrease.
  • Fat composition matters: The type of fat accumulated also has a major impact on health problems associated with obesity. If the accumulated fat is in the form of trans fat and omega 6 fat which promote inflammation and chance of inflammatory diseases like allergies, asthma, autoimmune disease, cardiovascular disease and cancer is high.
  • Obesity and self confidence: Obesity in children may lead to low self-esteem and depression.

In Child Obesity the primary root cause is in poor nutrition and poor physical activity.

Childhood Obesity can start at intrauterine level and most important causative factor in this stage is exposure to hyperinsulinemia and hyperglycemia induced increase in fat cell numbers in the foetus. Environmental and genetic factors also play a role in initiation of overeating, reduced physical activity and excess fat accumulation leading to obesity in children. Low calorie optimized nutrient food and physical activity can prevent obesity in children, promote weight loss, reverse obesity and associated health issues.

Excess body fat in the abdominal area is an energy store but has a negative impact on various body organs and systems by acting as an endocrine gland producing hormones that control our food intake, our immune functions and various metabolic activities which leads to many disease conditions.

  • Hyper palatability and its dangers: The focus on addictive foods in modern life and corresponding excess calorie intake through food as carbohydrate, fat and protein above the daily requirement is converted into fat and deposited in the adipose tissues leading to weight gain and obesity.
  • Nutrition and fat deposition: High calorie low protein, low fibre diets also promote weight gain.
  • Gut bacteria derailment: This can be caused by foods having preservatives, tastemakers, colouring agents, imitation foods, highly processed non nutritious foods and by medications which damage the environment in the gastrointestinal tract leading to obesity.
  • Hormonal imbalance can cause obesity: Hormone imbalance in production or at receptor level can lead to obesity. Insulin, thyroid hormone, steroid hormones, leptin and ghrelin among others have a major role in the control of appetite and metabolism.
  • Number and size of fat cells can increase: In Childhood Obesity both the number and size of fat cells are increased and fat accumulation occurs in and around viscera and in subcutaneous tissue.
  • Lack of physical activity lowers metabolic rate: Sedentary life indoor life, lack of physical activity, addiction to digital games, digital media, taste enhanced food etc play a role in Childhood Obesity.
  • Composition of fat: If the deposited fat is in the form of inflammation inducing omega 6 and trans fat the health issues related to obesity and inflammatory disorders will be more intense.
  • Associated hormonal changes: Hormonal imbalance also leads to obesity. Insulin, thyroid hormone, steroid hormones, leptin and ghrelin has major role in control of appetite and metabolism. Obesity induce hormone imbalance and in reverse hormonal imbalance promote fat deposition and obesity.
  • Gifting of unhealthy foods unknowingly: Gifting children with sweets is a common practice. Many of them are highly unhealthy, rich with sugar, hydrogenated fat, preservatives, colors and taste enhancers and make children addicted to them, leading to obesity, inflammation, immunological imbalance resulting in diabetes, allergies, asthma and a host of diseases.
  • Antibiotic use in excess: Repeated use of antibiotics in childhood and food with preservatives alter the intestinal microbial flora which may play a role in Childhood Obesity, autoimmune diseases, allergy and asthma etc.
  • Many drugs used as medications like anti epilepsy, anti asthmatic medicines etc can induce weight gain and obesity in children.
  • Mental health: Stress associated overeating, eating disorders, deficiency of essential nutrients like vitamins, insufficient or poor-quality sleep, certain genetic disorders, psychological disorders etc also predisposes to obesity.

Treatment challenges

The parent’s and child’s awareness of health optimisation can change Childhood Obesity management to a clinically supervised lifestyle correction for improved performance of age related activities and for lasting benefits.

Challenges in medical treatment

In Child Obesity it is to optimise health to achieve desirable weight loss to provide the desired quality of life for the age and avoid diseases associated with obesity in the future as well. If health is not optimised the body can revert to its earlier stage, if not worse because of deficiency or excess in the body’s composition. Regular followup of the body parameters is essential to ensure that the body receives all the needed inputs to achieve the target body composition and weight.

Children who realise that they have a problem with weight that needs serious attention are at an advantage as they are able to follow the treatment requirements much better.

The stress of obesity stems from inability to perform many activities associated with the age and the management of this is also an integral part of the treatment goals.
(In some very rare instances child obesity will have its origin in genetic problems, rare metabolic syndromes and hormone imbalances but overall they all are very much impacted by the lifestyle and environment of the child. Identifying any such issues go a long way in planning the treatment protocol in such cases.)

Treatment objectives

In treating Child Obesity often the real treatment is removing the root cause and optimising health. This involves returning the body to its pre-obesity state. This requires a comprehensive intervention as the change begins when the parents and the child understands the need and is confident in the treatment resources provided. This can make weight management a key to better health. This is the best response for preventing damage to other organs and tissues and the proper functioning of the immune and endocrine systems as well.

Managing of peer pressure in performing various activities of the age has to be handled with care. Generally the child will be having health issues and some may be concealed from view. This is why the role of health optimisation to improve the overall health of the child is very important for both health and a better quality of life.

Approach – Root cause

The focus is on addressing the root cause by providing resources to rebuild the body composition, especially at the abdominal area and provide the flexibility and energy associated with age.

Childhood Obesity is the result of excess fat accumulation due to reduced physical activity and excess calorie in the diet. To overcome this situation, the ideal method is to use this stored fat for the day to day calorie needs by reducing the calorie intake while ensuring all the essential nutrients like protein, fibre, essential fats, vitamins and minerals in optimal proportion for growth and development of the child. Simultaneously an increase in physical activity to increase metabolism to utilise more fat in the body should be put in place.

In cell activation treatment for weight reduction calorie intake is reduced as needed while ensuring all essential nutrients in optimal proportion with the help of optimized nutrient food, oil and salt based food and drink. Metabolic rate is increased with the help of oxyflex a breath regulated, segmental, gentle aerobic, anaerobic and flexibility improving activity protocol which can be done on the bed without straining any part of the body.

As there is no surgery or drugs involved there is no possibility of side effects.

Focus – Optimising Health

Optimising health is the foundation for creating the resources to overcome Childhood Obesity.

  • Health optimisation is the focus: Cell activation for Childhood Obesity is not just for weight reduction but to ensure optimal growth and development of the child to his or her full potential physically and intellectually.
  • No preservatives, colours, tastemakers and non nutritional additives: In cell activation treatment optimal nutrition is ensured with ready to eat optimized nutrient food, drink and nutrient based skin care support based on optimized nutrient food, oil and salt. These support products are free from preservatives, colours, taste makers and other additives of no nutritional value.
  • Focus on improving immunity: Thymus an endocrine and immunological organ situated in front of the heart is most active at childhood. Childhood development of thymus related immunity is crucial for the health of the immune system throughout life. Optimized nutrient food without additives like preservatives, color etc helps to minimize toxin exposure and ensures all the nutrients needed for the development of the immune system.
  • Focus on PCOS prevention: Health optimisation helps in providing the necessary resources for the proper functioning of the endocrine glands and prevention of PCOS is a focus of such efforts.
  • Health optimisation improves health of all cells including those needed for intellectual development: Optimized nutrient food with high omega 3 fat and omega 3 to 6 ratio 1:1 provide optimal nutrition for the brain cells and helps in intellectual and cognitive development of the child during these years of crucial development.
  • Improves vascular health and protects from causes of attacks and strokes in the future: It is good to know that the blocks that develop in the blood vessels as an adult due to atherosclerosis and the development of plaque are known to begin in childhood. Optimising health will help in their prevention thus making the child’s future safer from attacks and strokes.
  • Focus on providing all necessary nutrients as per latest scientific standards: Low calorie optimized nutrient food provide all the essential nutrients in optimal proportion within the calorie limits of 650kcal per day.
  • Oxyflex helps optimise health: Optimising metabolism, circulation, oxygen and nutrient supply to all body parts of the body and helps physical development of the child keeping optimal body proportions.
  • Skin care: Optimized nutrient skin care protects, nourishes and strengthens the skin and prevent pimples and skin issues.
  • Optimising health improves self confidence: Optimization of lifestyle, health and body proportions with cell activation increases the personality, confidence and performance all round
  • Diagnostics: Check ups at regular intervals to monitor progress.

Improved health status reflects in self confidence and quality of life.

Total health improvement in the child helps overcome obesity and the current disadvantages in daily life apart from other serious and silent health challenges.

The goal of cell activation treatment for Childhood Obesity is not just weight reduction but to ensure optimal growth and development of the child to his/ her full potential both physically and intellectually. Cell activation treatment focuses on optimal functioning of the body at a cellular level including all 50-70 trillion cells of the body. So while utilising excess fat and reducing weight it controls and reverses the comorbidities associated with obesity, elevated blood sugar, elevated insulin , and many other blood parameters too. Likewise reversing obesity with cell activation will help to control and possibly reverse other health issues like frequent respiratory infections, gastrointestinal problems, allergies, asthma, eczema, autoimmune diseases, depression etc too.

  • Optimising health in childhood: Cell activation protocol ensures optimal nutrition, physical activity and reduces toxins entering through food and body care during the crucial years of growth and development of the child.
  • Weight management at optimal level in the growth period: Ensures optimal nutrition in a calorie controlled diet for the obese child, increases metabolic rate and promotes weight reduction. After reaching optimal weight, cell activation promotes controlled weight gain proportionate to height increase while keeping the fat mass to lean mass ratio optimal.
  • Better immunity provides a healthier childhood: Increases immunity and helps to recover from recurrent respiratory infections, gastrointestinal problems, skin diseases, allergies, asthma, depression, etc.
  • Focus on optimal endocrine function: Health optimisation helps in providing the necessary resources for the proper functioning of the endocrine glands and prevention of endocrine malfunctions is a focus of such efforts.
  • Optimising health: Enables optimal physical, intellectual, mental and emotional development of the child and help the child to grow up to his/her full potential.
  • Developing a taste for choosing healthier foods: Likes and dislikes of food and taste is basically acquired by repeated eating: With cell activation the child is introduced to healthy eating habits and develop a taste for choosing healthy food and the benefit of it lasts lifelong.
  • Start young to focus on lifelong health first outlook: Introduction to cell activation principles and starting oxyflex protocol at a young age will bring a healthy outlook and habits in life at a young age and will help in the child in setting priorities in life.
  • Optimised health helps the child face growing challenges of changes confidently: Cell activation practice help the child to handle the challenges associated with physical, hormonal and emotional changes of adolescent growth smoothly.
  • Skin care: Optimized nutrient food and skincare help in prevention and treatment of acne a common problem of teenage children and young adults.
  • All round performance is a focus: Optimization of lifestyle, health and body proportions with cell activation increases the personality, confidence and performance in studies and sports.
  • Reduced need for antibiotics and medications: Cell activation practice will reduce the need of antibiotics and other medications and therefore can avoid the possible toxic side effects associated with medications.

Patient options

The informed parent is the key to treatment success.

The informed child is like clay in the potter’s hands.

  • Cell Activation Program (CAP) is normally a 3 month Outpatient Program for Health Optimisation. However depending on the child’s requirements the duration may be extended depending on the health challenge and the extent of improvements required in body parameters. An initial evaluation visit is essential and follow up visits vary case by case.
  • When you notice any child who is overweight or obese trying to reduce weight do your bit to encourage. Please appreciate that obesity is a disease that needs careful treatment.
  • If your child shows loss of strength you should check up to see if he/she is having abnormal muscle loss.
  • If your child has overweight or obesity or you suspect so please get a check up and follow up at the earliest to prevent the progression of weight gain and other associated damage.
  • If your child is suffering from Obesity and if you want to check out how he/she can benefit from optimising health with Cell Activation to reduce weight under medical supervision you can call / fix an appointment at Life Care Centre.

Message for Medical Practitioners - Overweight, Obesity

In Science Behind you will be able to get an understanding of the approach of Health optimisation by Cell activation for different health conditions and disorders.

Case Study is a compilation of sample patient cases where Health optimization with Cell activation has been beneficial for a wide variety of different health conditions and disorders.


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