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Inspired by the benefit of Center for Reproductive Care’s lifestyle correction protocol in the health of infertile couples, pregnant mothers and women of all ages Dr. Jolly Thomson decided to extend the lifestyle correction services to patients suffering from lifestyle diseases like obesity, underweight, diabetes, hypertension, PCOS, allergy, asthma, autoimmune diseases etc. For providing service effectively for such patients she found Life Care Centre.

Life Care Centre is a modern medicine outpatient oriented medical centre dedicated for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Services are mainly oriented on evaluation of health status regarding lifestyle diseases. Life Care Center tracks the health goals of each individual of the Cell Activation program as well as follow up of patients on Cell Activation protocol. The focus is on minimising medication, hospitalisation, major surgeries and invasive procedures for managing medical issues. This centre is not oriented for attending infectious diseases, accidents or medical emergencies like delivery, treating heart attack, stroke or active cancer management. As we are not doing major procedures we provide unbiased second opinion for those who are planning / deciding on invasive diagnostic or therapeutic procedures, major surgeries or expensive and risky medical interventions and advise on possible options.

Cell Activation Program is dedicated to integrate the Cell Activation protocol for lifestyle corrections. Our motto is ‘lifestyle diseases are to be treated by lifestyle correction and not by repeated surgeries or life long medication’. The centre is oriented for lifestyle correction before pregnancy to have a healthy baby, infertility reversal, pregnancy care to prevent complications of pregnancy, weight management, including weight gain and weight loss, prevention and reversal of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension and heart disease, asthma and allergy, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, prevention of cancer and its recurrence etc.

Making a plan for implementation of Cell Activation for optimization of health, prevention and reversal of lifestyle diseases was the challenge. Asking the patients to follow healthy practices required for the reversal of their lifestyle induced health challenges was only the first step. The real challenge was to give them solutions for their nutrition, activity and protection requirements which they could integrate into their daily lives with minimum difficulty. It was necessary that a stress free protocol was developed to help in the changes they were having in their lifestyles. Assessing the impact of lifestyle factors on each individual and making the person understand and practice cell nutrition, cell activation and cell support needed considerable planning and time.The normal clinical practice could not cater to such a requirement where the individual had to play a crucial role in the reversal of disease. The setting up of a centre oriented on lifestyle disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment and reversal was the solution. Proper diagnosis using all modern medical technologies helped to focus on the key issues of lifestyle needing correction. This correction protocol of diet, cell stimulation practice and cell support enabled the body to reverse disease and become healthy.

The growing number of patients suffering from lifestyle diseases and increasing number of young children diagnosed with early stages of such diseases is very worrying. It is felt that the real solution was in giving the option to each individual to understand the program and its results on his/her health problems.This would give the confidence to take charge of their health while the best support services would be provided by the centre. As the focus was on strengthening the body’s own defences it was easy to understand why it was so much safer and long lasting than conventional medication and surgical interventions.

Type 2 diabetes is an example to show how effective Cell Activation is for control and reversal of lifestyle diseases. Before starting we need to stop insulin and hypoglycemic drugs. Check blood sugar level before the first optimized nutrient meal and after 2 hours. Instead of the expected increase in blood glucose level would have come down. Remember you have already stopped the regular insulin/ tablets. That is the effect of Cell Activation treatment the simple lifestyle correction methodology. The blood sugar will be in control usually by three days without insulin or hypoglycemic drugs. HbA1c comes down to normal by 90 days.

The biggest advantage for the diabetic patient is that they are free of the pain and discomfort of injections and the fear of hypoglycemic attack from day one onwards. Type 2 diabetes is a condition where the person is having excess insulin in the blood but it is not acting properly. In conventional treatment we are increasing the insulin in the blood by further injecting it or by medications which increase insulin synthesis further. In Cell Activation protocol using low calorie diet we are reducing the intake of carbohydrates which can be digested to glucose, promoting utilisation of glucose by ensuring nutrients necessary for glucose metabolism and increasing the utilisation of glucose by cell stimulation protocol. This brings down the blood glucose level. Hypoglycemic attacks are a side effect of diabetic medication and are not a worry as diabetic medication is discontinued or minimised.