Optimized Nutrient Food

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Search for an ideal diet with all nutrients in optimal proportion suited for the modern lifestyle lead to the development of optimized nutrient food. Patent application was submitted in India in 2014 September and to WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) in 2015 and published in 2016 as WO2016035095 A1. After receiving the international search report and preliminary examination report on patentability national entry applications were submitted in 121 countries in 2017 covering all the major countries around the globe. As per the optimized nutrient food formula, combinations varying from 450 kcal to 4000 kcal or more can be made containing all nutrients in ideal proportion as per requirement. This is an essential nutrient rich low calorie food and can be added with carbohydrate and fat with omega 3, 6 ratio 1:1 for increasing calories as per activity level of each person. Methods of preparation of the optimized nutrient food are developed in such a manner only added ingredients which serve a nutrient purpose and no preservatives, colours or flavouring agents. Food products used in the Cell Activation Program(CAP) have no added colour, flavour, preservatives or other additives of no nutritional value.