Cell Activation

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Cell Activation is an easy and simple methodology for lifestyle optimization suited for the modern lifestyle aiming at stimulating each cell of the human body to function in the optimal way. Hippocrates observed, ‘If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health.’ The search for the safest method to ensure every individual receives the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much lead to the development of Cell Activation. It has three aspects. 1. Cell nutrition. 2. Cell stimulation. 3. Cell support.

Cell Nutrition

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Scientific research and development in the field of nutrition, health, disease and treatment has identified and quantified requirement for each of the nutrients for humans at different stages of life. The modern high calorie, high omega 6 fat, high sodium, low fibre, low omega 3 fat, low potassium diet along with lack of supportive physical activity is the major causative factor of the DRNCD (diet related non communicable diseases) / lifestyle diseases. A very dangerous trend is the presence of so called fillers which form the bulk of many processed food products which negatively affect the health of the consumers whether a child or an adult. Another important factor is the increasing level of toxins in the form of pesticides, weed killers, preservatives, colouring and flavouring agents in the modern day food.

An ideal food should contain all nutrients in the correct proportion and be devoid of any toxic content. There is no natural food in the world which meets all nutritional requirements of the human except breast milk up to the age of 6 months, provided mother gets adequate nutrition. Hippocrates said “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” The search for this ideal food with nutrients in correct proportion without added fillers,colour, preservatives, flavours and minimizing the risk of pesticide and weed killer residues lead to the development of optimised nutrient foods.

Cell Stimulation

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Mechanisation in all aspects of modern life has reduced physical activity and calorie requirement in day to day life. Excess calories in the diet will be stored as fat. The easy availability of high calorie processed food rich in sugar, starch and unhealthy fats leads to overweight and obesity. This overweight and obesity is the stepping stone towards an array of lifestyle diseases. Actually overweight and obesity are forms of malnutrition (improper nutrition).This malaise is no longer a disease of the developed world or rich society, it is drastically increasing among the poor in the developing world also.

Hippocrates noticed ‘That which is used - develops, that which is not used wastes away’. Regular stimulation of cells in the body is needed to keep the cells healthy in this sedentary lifestyle. An ideal stimulation protocol should result in stimulation of all the cells in the body without negatively stressing any part of the body.

There are around 600 muscles in our body. There is an emerging understanding of how skeletal muscles release myokines when they are activated. Muscles produce myokines which act as mediators of physical and mental fitness. Different muscle fibre types -slow twitch muscle fibres, oxidative muscle fibres, intermediate twitch muscle fibres, and fast twitch muscle fibres - release different clusters of myokines during contraction. Myostatin, LIF, IL-6 and IL-7 are involved in muscle hypertrophy and myogenesis, whereas BDNF and IL-6 are involved in AMPK-mediated fat oxidation.

S IL-6 has systemic effects on the liver, adipose tissue and the immune system, and mediates crosstalk between intestinal L cells and pancreatic islets. Other myokines include osteogenic factors IGF-1 and FGF-2; FSTL-1, which improves endothelial function of the vascular system. Studies in the past few years suggest the existence of yet unidentified factors, secreted from muscle cells, which may influence cancer cell growth and pancreas function. Many proteins produced by skeletal muscle are dependent upon contraction; therefore, physical inactivity leads to an altered myokines response, which could provide a potential mechanism for the association between sedentary behaviour and many chronic diseases.

Most exercises we adopt currently like walking, swimming, cycling, and aerobics are usually stimulating only some parts excessively. This can lead to wear and tear of some parts of the body and some other parts may not be used at all. For example during walking buttocks and some muscles of lower limb get activated repeatedly. This excess use of some part alone can lead to long term problems like damaging the joints, especially knee joints. The damage can be more in obese due to the excess weight on the weight bearing joints. The vertebral and abdominal muscles will not get much exercise by walking. This lack of balanced activity is the major reason for growing abdominal obesity, back pain, neck problems and disk prolapse. Many become victims of lifelong painkilling drugs, balms or undergo surgeries which at best give temporary relief without removing the underlying cause.

The search for developing an easily adaptable pattern which follows the principles of total, moderate, practical (even for the lifestyle disorder patient) and stress reversing activity lead to the development of cell stimulation protocol, named oxyflex. It is a series of breath controlled, segmental movements for improving circulation, oxygenation and removal of metabolic waste from the cells. This involves segmental stimulation of all the cells of the body by gentle movement, massage, vibration and thought process. All parts of the body including internal organs and internal muscles are stimulated in a systematic, proportionate way as per the individual requirements. No part is stimulated to excess or too little in cell stimulation protocol.

It is done in lying / sitting position on a comfortable soft mattress preferably on the bed. No special space or equipment is needed. After initial training no supervision is needed for regular practice. As it is done in lying/ sitting position it will not strain the leg/ knee and is suited for overweight/ obese, postoperative/ recuperating patients as it is individualized as per need.

Cell Support

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Cell support includes cell protection and stress utilisation. Cell protection is made possible by reducing the avoidable functional burden on the cells physically and chemically. Our body is covered and protected from environmental factors externally by skin and internally by mucous membrane. Inside this physical barrier immune system has an array of defence mechanisms for protection from environmental factors. The range of lifestyle diseases has grown rapidly in recent years. Exposure to environmental pollution, chemical load, (products applied on the face, skin, hair and other daily use products ), increased radiation and the modern sedentary lifestyle easily break down the already weakened immune system.

Chronic stress (Negative stress) makes changes in neuroendocrine function leading to psychological disorders and immune system dysfunction. Optimal cell nutrition and cell stimulation improves the body's ability to withstand stress. Stress relief can prevent stress related psychological disorders like depression, irritability and physical disorders like overeating and obesity which are the stepping stones towards an array of lifestyle diseases. Stress related neuroendocrine changes can lead to immune system dysfunction leading to lifestyle disorders like diabetes, hypertension, cancer etc. Stress relief has a major role in preventing lifestyle disorders. Specific stress utilisation, relief and relaxation methods are included in this Cell Support protocol.

Increase of human population, industrialization, fossil energy use and modern lifestyle has resulted in toxic load in the air we breathe and the water we drink. Atmospheric radiation hazard increases with ozone layer damage, atomic energy use and rampant wireless technology. Food additives for preservation, texture, colour and taste enhancement with low fibre put strain on intestinal microbes, digestive system and associated immune system. Perfumes, deodorants and smoke can damage the lung mucosa and associated immune cells. Cosmetics, hair and nail colour, body care products and cleansing agents all put the skin and associated immune system on added strain.

Many harmful chemicals get into our body without giving warning signs especially those in combinations masking taste and smell as food additives and ingredients and as cosmetics and body care products. Their long term use will harm the body especially the immune system leading to immune dysfunction like cancers, autoimmune diseases and excretory system damage leading to organ failure like kidney failure, liver failure and so on. We get sick when our immune system cannot handle the challenges successfully. This can take different forms like infections, allergies, cancer, inflammatory diseases like heart attack or autoimmune diseases like arthritis.

Support for cells is planned by identifying the personal risk factors after analysing the lifestyle to find the possible preventive measures. Lifestyle burden impact is highest on the skin cells. An ideal skin care product should contain only nutrients which nourish the skin and protects the cells from environmental factors. The search for such a skin care product lead to the development of optimized nutrient skin care, the nutrition oriented body care preparations. Along with optimized nutrient compositions, few simple lifestyle modulations can slow down aging process, inflammation, development of cancer and autoimmune diseases.