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Infertility surgery & CAP

  • February 14, 2020

Most commonly done surgery in male infertility is varicocele surgery. Male factor infertility is usually associated with low semen parameters like reduced sperm count, motility, semen volume, or abnormal sperm morphology. If low semen parameters are associated with varicocele, even if it is mild(grade1 or 2) some doctors advise varicocele surgery. Usually there won’t be any lasting benefit after the surgery in such patients and there is a possibility of worsening sperm parameters due to the side effects of surgery by damaging the nerve and blood circulation to testes.

If there is varicocele in infertile men who seek medical help, the first step is to find out the reason for varicocele and also find out any other reason for low count. Increased intra abdominal pressure resulting from obesity, especially abdominal obesity or due to wrong breathing technique leading damage to the blood vessel valve is the reason behind the varicocele.

If the person is overweight, weight reduction is the first step. Cell Activation Program with optimized nutrient food support and cell stimulation practice will help the individual to reduce weight with ease. Weight reduction and associated reduction in visceral fat and intra abdominal pressure will reduce stagnation of blood in testicular veins, improve circulation and reduce varicocele. Along with weight reduction, learning the ideal breathing method during defecation and weight lifting will prevent further progress of the disease.

Just because of diagnosing varicocele on physical examination in a person on infertility evaluation should not be an indication for surgery. Varicocele surgery may not improve semen parameters in most of the cases and can damage the nerves or blood supply to the testes and have a negative effect too. So varicocele surgery to be restricted to grade 3 varicocele with pain at scrotum which is continuing after weight reduction and breath correction.

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