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Bariatric surgery & CAP

  • February 14, 2020

The goal of bariatric surgery is weight reduction by surgically forcing the patient to eat less or reducing the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Obesity and the associated comorbidities like diabetes and its complications forces the patient to undergo risky and expensive bariatric procedures. Final effect of bariatric surgery the weight reduction is achieved due to the inability of the patient to eat much after surgery due to the reduction of stomach size or even if food is taken most of it will not get absorbed in the body.

In some types of bariatric surgery weight gain and obesity will recur if conscious efforts are not taken on lifestyle correction like reduction in calorie rich food and increase in physical activity. This is common in surgeries where the stomach size reduction alone is done without intestinal bypass. Stomach has the ability to regrow and expand with time.

Obesity is a lifestyle disease and is preventable and reversible with lifestyle modulation. If we are able to provide an enabling environment and support for the individual to optimize their lifestyle they can control their overeating behavior and reduce weight. In cell Activation Program with the support of optimized nutrient compositions and oxyflex activity protocol patients can reduce 5-10% of weight each month. If the patient is suffering from diabetes can stop the insulin and other diabetic medications on day one itself and other medications for hypertension, dyslipidemia, leg pain etc can be tapered off gradually with the progress of weight reduction. Getting relief to all lifestyle associated health issues is the added benefit of Cell Activation treatment. This is achieved by correcting body composition and optimizing omega 3 to 6 fatty acid ratio to 1:1 at cellular level.

Most obese patients eat more due to three reasons. One is the excess fat in the body induced insulin resistance and associated hyperinsulinemia and other hormonal changes induced hunger. Second is nutritional deficiency, they may be deficient in one or more nutrients like vitamins, minerals, essential fat, essential amino acid or dietary fibre. Third is the food addiction induced by the repeated use of hyperpalatable food high in sugar, starch, fat and added tastemakers.

In Cell Activation treatment, patients are provided with an enabling environment to correct their lifestyle by giving optimized nutrients ready to eat food and drink which helps to control hunger and helps to overcome food addiction. Oxyflex, the gentle activity pattern increases the blood circulation and improves metabolism. It can be done on bed and suitable for individuals with mobility restriction like knee pain or leg pain.

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