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CAP for post pregnancy weight loss

Post pregnancy weight gain & CAP

  • February 13, 2020

Pregnant women are advised to take more food and gain weight during pregnancy. In the modern world most women enter pregnancy while they are already overweight or obese. During pregnancy physical activity will be reduced, to avoid various pregnancy associated complications. Added food and rest along with pregnancy associated hormonal changes promote excess fat accumulation during pregnancy and continued during the lactation period also, and finally end up in obesity and associated health hazards.

Excess fat in the body acts as an overgrown endocrine gland initiating hormonal imbalances and inflammatory diseases. If the accumulated excess fat is in the form of inflammation inducing trans fat and omega 6 fat health issues will be more intense. This excess fat is the root cause of pregnancy complications like gestational diabetes, hypertension, growth retardation, preterm labour etc, increasing the need for cesarean delivery and intensive medical care for the newborn.

Cell activation program for health optimization can help the women to reduce the excess fat gained during pregnancy and lactation without much sweet and dieting and regain the body shape and confidence. Cell activation program is basically a clinically monitored and supported lifestyle correction program. There are no drugs involved so there are no side effects or complications. In Cell Activation optimized nutrient food and drink is the medicine and includes oxyflex a gentle activity pattern for improving blood and lymph circulation and metabolism. Optimized nutrient food, drink and skincare are free from added preservatives, taste makers and other food additives and reduce the toxic load on the body and improve breast milk quantity and quality.

It is easy to reduce weight in breastfeeding women. Low calorie optimized nutrient food will ensure optimal nutrition for milk production while excess fat stored in the body will be used for the calorie needs. With CAP postnatal women can achieve around 10 – 20% weight loss in 3 months and regain body shape. Oxyflex the gentle activity pattern will help to strengthen the spine, prevent back pain, tighten the lax abdominal wall and regain the vaginal integrity.

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