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Pregnancy complications

Pregnancy complications & CAP

  • February 06, 2020

Complications associated with pregnancy and diseases of mother while carrying will affect the health of the mother and baby negatively, can even lead to death of mother, baby or both. For having a healthy baby, uneventful pregnancy, delivery and postnatal period most important is to enter in pregnancy while the mother is in optimal health. Nutrition and physical activity should be optimal, not too excess or not too little, throughout pregnancy and postnatal period.

Most common complications of pregnancy giving threat to the life of mother and baby include gestational diabetes, pregnancy induced hypertension, growth retardation, hemorrhage, preterm labour and infections during pregnancy. Nutritional deficiency or excess of one or more nutrients leads to derailment of the immune system and leads to all the above mentioned complications. Excess calories, omega 6 fat, sodium and deficiency of fibre, omega 3 fat, protein, one or more vitamins and minerals is the salient feature of modern diet which leads to poor functioning of the immune system leading to diseases.

Overweight gain due to high calorie diet, sedentary life, accompanied by deficiency of one or more nutrients leading to overgrowth of adipose tissue resulting in hormonal imbalance and insulin resistance leading to diabetes. Derailment of immune function due to imbalance in omega 3 to 6 fat ratio leading to increased inflammatory response resulting in hypertension and related complications like IUGR, eclampsia, hemorrhage and preterm labour.

What is the solution

Complications of pregnancy are of gradual in onset and can be detected early, even months before in regular antenatal check ups. Signs of complications like excess or reduced weight gain, lower or higher growth of uterus than expected for the gestational period, increasing blood pressure, increasing urine / blood sugar etc should be taken seriously. The possibility of hypertension can be detected at fourth month by doppler study of uterine blood flow. Possibility of gestational diabetes can be detected early by regular urine sugar and glucose challenge test(GCT). A detailed analysis of history, physical examination , ultrasound examination and blood and urine examination report will show the extent of the disease.

All pregnancy related complications are directly connected with lifestyle- food, activities and environmental factors. To reduce pregnancy associated complication, most important is to correct lifestyle factors at the earliest. Pregnancy oriented Cell Activation with optimized nutrient food, body care and oxyflex activity will reduce inflammation and improve immune functions leading to the reversal of pathophysiology of pregnancy complications like hypertension, IUGR and diabetes.

Current treatment of gestational diabetes is focussed on insulin injection, which will increase appetite and promote further weight gain and increasing dose of insulin and the cycle continues. Low carbohydrate optimized nutrient food support can control not only blood sugar but also stop progress of the disease by reducing inflammation and insulin resistance. optimized nutrient food support with high omega 3 fat and omega 3 to 6 ratio 1:1 can prevent further complications like pregnancy induced hypertension, macrosomia/ IUGR, preterm labour, intrauterine death of the foetus, neonatal complication.

Current treatment of pregnancy induced hypertension is focused on antihypertensives and in severe cases magnesium sulphate injection for preventing eclampsia (convulsions). Antihypertensives may help to reduce maternal blood pressure but may reduce the foetal blood supply and lead to IUGR and compromise foetal health. Another medicine commonly used for prevention and control of pregnancy induced hypertension is aspirin. Aspirin acts by blocking the omega 6 fat derived eicosanoid pathway and reduces inflammation and blood clotting. The reason for excess inflammatory response is the excess omega 6 fat in food and body fat and low omega 3 fat and a high omega 6 to 3 ratio. By optimized nutrient food support we can correct the omega 3 to 6 ratio and prevent / control inflammatory response and thereby control pregnancy induced hypertension, proteinuria, convulsions, etc.

Basic pathology behind pregnancy related complication to mother and baby is nutritional imbalance and other lifestyle related problems. For treatment and control of progress of the disease ensuring enough nutrients and correction of other lifestyle factors is to be considered as primary step. Other measures like insulin, blood thinners, anti inflammatory agents and other drugs are beneficial for immediate symptomatic control and buy time for the immune system to correct the balance and cure the disease. The real cure has come from inside our body, our immune system, so provide everything the immune system needs to get the best performance. Cell Activation is designed to give nutrition, stimulation and support for the cell of the body in a simple and effective way.

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