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Optimised Health & Cell Nutrition

  • February 06, 2020

Scientific research and development in the field of nutrition, health, diseases and treatments has identified and quantified requirement for each nutrient for the human at different stages of life. The modern high calorie, high omega 6, high sodium, low fiber, low omega 3, low potassium diet along with lack of physical activity is the major causative factor for DRNCD (diet related non communicable diseases) / lifestyle diseases. Another important factor is the increasing level of toxins in the form of pesticide residues, herbicide residues, antibiotics, growth hormones, preservatives, colouring and flavouring agents in the modern day food.

An ideal food should contain all nutrients in the correct proportion and devoid of any toxic content. There is no natural food in the world which meets all nutritional requirements of humans except breast milk for infants up to the age of 6 months, provided the mother gets adequate nutrition. Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” The search for this ideal food with all nutrients in the correct proportion without added colours, preservatives, flavours and without pesticide/ weedicide residues, antibiotic residue etc lead to the development of optimized nutrient food, oil and salt.

A dietician can prepare a reasonably balanced diet with 2000 kcal or above for a day. But in this era of mechanisation and sedentary lifestyle, we do not require 2000 kcal a day. If you live a sedentary life and take more calories than used each day, excess calories in food is stored as fat in adipose tissue leading to overweight and obesity. The excess omega 6 fat, trans fat and saturated fat in this stored fat induce inflammation leading to lifestyle diseases. Increased inflammation and associated derailment of immunity is a common factor in all lifestyle diseases, there may be associated nutritional deficiency and toxic overload too.

It is almost impossible to prepare a nutritionally balanced diet of less than 1500 kcal. So you cannot achieve safe weight reduction by dieting alone. When you cut down on calories your essential nutrition intake will not meet the recommended dietary intake leading to nutritional deficiencies and fall sick, commonly with respiratory or gastrointestinal tract infections. If you start taking nutritional supplements, you are forced to take additives like preservatives, colours, flavouring agents etc which will add to the toxic load on the body and are harmful especially on continuous use. In this mechanised world what we want is a low calorie food, calorie as low as around 600 kcal, with all nutrients in correct proportion, but without any preservatives, artificial colour or taste makers.

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