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CAP approach to chronic health problems

  • February 06, 2020

It’s a common question doctors are asked why me or my dear one got this disease. The simple answer is your immune system is not working properly or weak, that’s why you got this sickness. Immune system is the defender and the healer of your body.

The root cause of any disease starts with damage to a group of cells in the body. If the cells get optimal nutrition, stimulation and protection from toxins, the body can overcome the challenge effectively by removing the damaged cells and replacing it with new cells. The goal of cell activation treatment is to optimize the health of the cells by ensuring optimal nutrition, stimulation and protection from toxins at cellular level. Therefore a single course of treatment will give relief to many different health problems, because the benefits go to all cells in the body.

Human adult body contains around 70 trillion cells. These cells are getting old or damaged and replaced by new cells in a systematic way. For the growth, development and maintenance of cells including the immune system cells need nutrients. When there is a deficiency or excess of these nutrients or a toxin enters the body, body composition changes at molecular level leading to weakening of your immune system and you fall sick.

Change in body composition and weakening of the immune system occurs as a result of three reasons. First is deficiency or over supply of one or more nutrients. Second is lack of stimulation of body parts leading to reduced blood supply to cells leading to deficiency of nutrients and accumulation of toxic waste at cell level resulting damage to cells. Third is excess toxins entering the body. Anything other than a nutrient including drugs we take as medicine and any nutrient in excess quantity including carbohydrate in the form of ice /sugar or vitamins as supplements is considered a toxin by the body.

So diseases, whether it’s an infection like common cold or tuberculosis, cancer on lungs or breast, allergic response like asthma or itching, inflammatory disease like heart attack or stroke, an immune disease like SLE, the basic pathology is the same, a derailment in immune system functioning. Most of the medications we use like pain killers, asthma/ allergy medicines, antibiotics, vaccines etc give its benefits by manipulating the immune system in different ways.

In cell activation treatment the goal is to optimize health by optimizing chemical composition of the body at cellular level by ensuring optimal nutrition, optimal stimulation and protection from toxins. The immune system related cells are the fastest replaced cells in the body, most of them are replaced every 2-7 days and if a health challenge occurs like an infection or exposure to toxins, need faster replacement of affected damaged cells and the fighting immune cells. If there is a deficiency of one or more nutrients this will affect cell regeneration and repair of these fighter immune system cells and the affected cells.

Optimal nutrition, stimulation and protection from toxins with the cell activation treatment will not only strengthen the immune system cells, but all the cells in the body. So in cell activation approach there is no need for different medication for each disease or symptom. Here the basic medicine is optimized nutrient compositions. Other medications are given if necessary for a short time for immediate symptomatic relief or to support the immune system to remove microbes in infection or antidote for removing toxins.

In the current scenario most patients are having multiple health problems. For example one may be taking one or more medication for each health issues like diabetes, hypertension, acidity, fatty liver, elevated blood lipids and uric acid, blood thinners, pain killers etc. All these drugs taken as medicine will increase the workload on excretory organs like kidney and liver, and the immune system. All these chemicals are coming in contact with the blood vessel lining and increase the stress on these cells which are already burdened with the toxic effects of elevated glucose, triglycerides, blood pressure etc. As per studies when an individual is on more than 4 drugs the chance of drug interactions and associated complications are high.

Correcting the chemical composition of the body and maintaining it in optimal level is the basis of cell activation treatment. With this you can get rid of medication for type 2 diabetes on day one and other medications can be tapered off gradually with the improvement in your body composition. Goal of cell activation is not just symptomatic relief from one disease or health challenge, but optimization of your health mentally, physically and aesthetically and keep your metabolic age below chronological age for the years to come.

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