Avoiding surgery with lifestyle correction

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Avoiding surgery with lifestyle correction

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  • February 06, 2020

Surgical interventions increase the stress on all body organs including immune system, heart and blood vessels, respiratory system, endocrine glands, intestine, kidney, liver etc. How the body reacts to anaesthetic medications and the surgery itself is unpredictable even in the hands of the best anaesthetist and surgeon. So it is always safer to avoid surgery or if unavoidable optimize health before surgery unless it is an emergency. Health optimization with cell activation may help you to avoid many risky surgeries like angioplasty, coronary bypass, knee replacement, bariatric surgery, Infertility surgeries, IVF, etc or if the intervention is unavoidable your body will be in better health to face the added health challenges.

Latest developments in surgical techniques like endoscopy will reduce the external wound and robotic hands will improve the accuracy of surgical excision and repair. But it will not assure the safety of a patient regarding surgery or anaesthesia. The primary reason for any illness is a derailment in immunity. So if the patient needs a surgical intervention means his or her immune system is already compromised. Stress of anaesthesia and wound of surgery will increase the workload of the immune system. Added medications such as antibiotics and painkillers during and post operative period further increase the stress on the already compromised immune system and organs like kidney and liver.

Newer surgeries like angioplasty, joint replacement, organ transplant, cosmetic surgeries etc involves implantation of foriegn materials inside the body which aggravate inflammatory response from immune system needing immunosuppression of various nature, in most cases lifelong. This will lead to further deterioration of immunity and associated complications in the long run like chronic infections, autoimmune diseases, cancer, allergy etc. Procedures like angioplasty needs intra operative imaging for guidance which require x ray and radio opaque dye injection which can lead to serious allergic reactions and kidney damage. Even if your joint replacement surgery is a success it will limit the mobility of your joints and the new joint will not be equivalent to the original.

Unless it is an emergency before a surgery you should prepare the body by optimizing your health.The benefits of cell activation treatment for health optimization like better control of blood pressure, lipids and sugar, strengthening of immunity, reduction in fat mass especially visceral fat and associated cardiovascular and lung function improvements, strengthening of muscle and bone strength etc will invariably reduce the risk of anesthesia and surgery and help to make recovery faster and complete. More than that there is a very good possibility that with health optimization many of your health problems may get corrected and surgery itself is not required.

If a patient with obesity, diabetes and heart disease preparing for knee replacement for osteoarthritis undergo cell activation treatment, within a few days his or her blood sugar will be under control without medication, within a month body weight would have reduced around 5-10% and able to walk without pain and even climb stairs, blood pressure and lipids are under control even after tapering off the medication for hypertension. See, what is the need for knee replacement surgery now? The patient may need continuation of cell activation treatment for a few more months to optimize the body composition and health. Within a few months such patients will become metabolically 5- 10 years younger, more happy, energetic and productive. This is applicable for other similar conditions requiring surgical interventions like angioplasty, bypass, bariatric surgery, surgery for diabetic foot, eye and other complications of diabetes, fertility enhancing surgeries and procedures like IVF etc. Control of blood sugar with cell activation will stop the progress of complications of diabetes like neuropathy, nephropathy, retinopathy, heart disease etc and may reverse the damage to some extent.

In some cases surgery or procedural intervention may not be unavoidable like removal of a large fibroid or IVF in bilateral tubal block. But preoperative preparation with cell activation will help the patient to face the challenges of surgery in better health and immunity. This will reduce the possibility of complications associated with anesthesia, surgery and wound healing. In infertlity patients cell activation treatment prior to IVF will improve the pregnancy rate and reduce the possibility of abortion and other pregnancy complications like preterm labour, IUGR, gestational diabetes, hypertension etc during pregnancy.

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