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Skin disease & CAP

  • October 21, 2019

Change on the color of skin like hyperpigmentation/ darkening, hypopigmentation like white patches, loss of sensation, hypersensitivity or itching, irregularities like blisters, papules or ulcers, swelling, oedema etc may be be the first clinical manifestation in a diseases process. Experienced doctors can come to a conclusion on diagnosis most of the time by hearing the symptoms and seeing the skin changes on the face of the patient or to the affected part.

Hyper pigmentation on the skin generalised or localised areas such as face, neck, joints etc are the earliest sign of many lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, chronic liver and kidney disease. If we take nature’s warning seriously and correct lifestyle at this stage we can prevent many lifestyle diseases including autoimmune disease and cancer.

Most diseases have a lifestyle element as a causative factor especially in lifestyle diseases. So lifestyle optimization can cure these diseases. Derailment in the immune function as autoimmunity or self destruction or hypersensitivity or allergy is the root cause of most of the skin lesions.

Why Cell Activation for lifestyle disease?

Cell activation program is a clinically supported and monitored lifestyle correction protocol. Cell Activation provides a single solution for most lifestyle diseases by correction at cellular level and by considering and correcting all the three aspects of lifestyle problems affecting body; nutrition, physical activity and toxin exposure. Progress of lifestyle correction with cell activation can be assessed by the correction of skin changes and with laboratory parameters.

How Cell Activation Work?

Diseases occur when our immune system is not able to meet the challenges either by insufficient nutrition or by excess demand raised by microbes or toxins. Derailment of the immune system present as infection, allergy, autoimmune disease or cancer and most of them give symptoms and signs on the skin. The primary aim of Cell Activation is to optimize the functioning of the immune system by optimizing nutrition with the help of optimized nutrient compositions, stimulating the immune system with cell stimulation practice and minimising the functional load by reducing the toxic load. Ready to use optimized nutrient food, drink and body care is free from added preservatives, colour or tastemakers and will help to strengthen the immune system and reduce the chemical burden on the immune system excretory organs like kidney.

Optimizing omega 3 to 6 fat ratio in the body with the help of optimized nutrient food and optimized nutrient oil skin care stabilizes the immune system functioning and helps to control and reverse the skin diseases like psoriasis, eczema, lichen planus etc. Optimized nutrient skin care oil when applied over the affected skin form a thin protective layer over the skin and protect the skin from moisture loss, microbial overgrowth and ultraviolet rays. The anti inflammatory omega 3 fat in the optimized nutrient oil is directly absorbed into the skin cells and reduces inflammation and assists repair of damaged skin cells.

What Is The Benefit?

Cell activation protocol in the management of skin diseases is aimed to promote anti inflammatory activities mediated via omega 3 essential fat. High content of omega 3 fat of optimized nutrient food and oil nourishes the skin cells and reduces the inflammation and supports repair and healing of damaged skin cells. Cell activation with optimal nutrition, stimulation and reducing the toxic load on cells help to reverse the pathology and prevent recurrence.

Stress level of the patient and their response to stressful situations has an important role in most chronic skin diseases like psoriasis and dermatitis. Cell stimulation practice is helpful for reducing stress level by modulating stress response and enable the person to utilise stress for positive activity. Cell activation protocol for skin diseases can speed up recovery, reduce medication and prevent recurrence.

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