Female weight gain with CAP

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Female weight gain with CAP

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  • October 21, 2019

Being underweight and looking frail is not only an aesthetic problem but for many it will affect confidence, stamina, personality and performance. Negative impact of underweight may affect the person in many ways including getting selection in the preferred job like air hostess, as a model or actor, in defence service, police force etc; and the performance in the job, promotion, earnings; and even getting a life partner can be affected.

Generally when such patients seek medical help doctors do investigations to rule out any chronic infections like tuberculosis or hormonal problems like hyperthyroidism, nutritional deficiencies like anaemia etc, reassure the patient and ask them to eat more to gain weight. But in most cases they remain underweight.

Cell activation treatment is safe and effective in not only just gaining weight but to optimize health and optimize your body shape and figure. While gaining weight if you have any health problems like allergies, back pain or tiredness also get relieved. If there are no underlying major health problems you may be able to gain around 10-20% of body weight in the first month itself and possibly reach the optimal weight (BMI between 18.5 to 22) within 3 months.

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