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  • October 21, 2019

Active effort to get the optimal height and shape for the body should start at the beginning of adolescent growth spurt. This will enable the adolescent to attain best possible body proportions by proper nourishment and stimulation of body parts for optimal bone, muscle and organ growth.

Before scheduling the Cell Activation for an individual detailed physical evaluation including a biometric evaluation is needed to assess the physical growth and development. Laboratory tests for nutritional deficiencies, hormonal or metabolic anomalies and corrections to be done as per need. Most common abnormalities detected in blood tests are low vitamin D and low haemoglobin level. In vegetarians B12 deficiency is also common. There are around 54 known nutrients and out of which 40 are essential nutrients, means it cannot be synthesized by the body and has to be obtained from food. In general for clinical diagnosis it is not economical to check all nutritional deficiencies by laboratory test, if the commonly available test shows deficiency we have to assume that there may be associated deficiency of other nutrients. Most commonly deficient nutrients include Iron, zinc, potassium, dietary fibre, omega 3 fat, protein, vitamin D, A, E, C and B complex. Correction of nutritional deficiencies, optimized nutrient food support with all nutrients in correct proportion and omega 3 to 6 fatty acid composition in 1:1 ratio will help the person to keep an optimal body mass, fitness and health.

Biometric evaluation will give the proportion of the body’s fat mass, lean mass and its distribution. After evaluating the biometric measurement we can set a target height, weight, skinfold thickness and body circumference at different levels and setting protocol for cell activation practice to achieve ideal measurements for the body towards perfection. The body mass index to be kept to lower normal for those who are in a sedentary lifestyle.

An optimal diet with sufficient essential nutrients and protein along with control of calorie intake as per the energy requirement will help to keep the lean mass to fat mass ratio ideal. Balanced and proportionate physical activity to stimulate all parts of the body will ensure proportionate growth and development. Improvement of the shape and performance is possible with focal stimulation. Shaping the body suited for beauty and fitness as per personal interest and need of preferred profession is the goal of cell activation at this age.

Focal reduction or increase of fat or muscle for better aesthetic look or physical performance is possible with cell activation orienting specific areas for achieving ideal measures and shape. After 18 years focal reduction or increase can also be aided with newer cosmetology equipment using ultrasound cavitation, electric stimulation, suction application, radiofrequency waves, thermal control etc.

It is easier to prevent health problems rather than treating them. If not able to prevent it, the next option is early detection and treatment. It is most relevant in the case of the most common epidemic obesity the lifestyle problem of the current century. Making the person understand the importance of keeping the lean mass to fat mass ratio for health and beauty and preparing to take effective measures on it is the goal of cell activation. Start at the earliest and prevention is the best, early detection at the stage of overweight is the next best, with further increase of each kilogram of fat appetite will increase and person will find it difficult to control diet and has to work more to burn the excess fat store.

Goal of starting active cell activation practice is prevention of being overweight or underweight, attaining and maintaining the best possible body proportion, shape, lean mass to fat mass ratio and omega 3 to 6 balance of fat mass in the body, optimizing nutrition, minimising toxic effects from food, cosmetics and environment and thereby reduce aging process. Starting early gives the maximum result.

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