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Youth & CAP

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  • February 06, 2020

How to overcome the challenges?

The young people in the age group of 10-24 years are characterized by growth and development and are in a phase of vulnerability often influenced by several intrinsic and extrinsic factors that affect their health and safety. Nearly all people under this age group go through health impacting behaviors at some point of this period.

Unhealthy food habits leading to nutritional disorders both malnutrition and over nutrition, tobacco use, harmful alcohol use, other substance use, high risk sexual behaviours, stress, violence, suicides, risky behaviour leading to accidents and injuries, dogma of extremism and terrorism etc are specifically affecting this population and have long lasting impact on self and society. Multiple self-harming behaviours and conditions often coexist in the same individual adding a cumulative risk. Many of these being precursors and determinants of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) including mental and neurological disorders and injuries place a heavy burden on society in terms of mortality, morbidity, disability and socio-economic losses.

Engraving a healthy lifestyle into the mind of children before the start of adolescent growth spurt (before 10 years), is crucial for successfully guiding them in the next 14 years of rapid physical growth, maturation of reproductive functions and associated neuro hormonal changes. Ensuring optimal nutrition will prepare the youth at this crucial years of formative phase for a smooth swim along with academic and emotional challenges. Food habits and other lifestyle habits like cosmetic use, alcohol/ tobacco use, reluctance to physical exercise etc. once set in this period will be difficult to change.

Generally now people are interested to eat what is fancy as per the advertisement trends and made hyperpalatable with taste makers and colours. Not much consideration is given to nutrition. Empty calorie taste enhanced food like chocolates and fries are actually harmful to the body in this sedentary life leading to fat deposition and lifestyle diseases. At formative years eating processed and taste enhanced food, the person will get addicted to such food. Last few decades have seen enhancement of the taste of food and preservation with the addition of chemicals. The side effects of such chemical taste enhancement and beauty enhancement with food and cosmetics is now presenting as lifestyle diseases after a few decades of continuous use. Therefore we should teach the coming generation the mistakes of the past and introduce them to practice a healthy lifestyle at an young age before the habits and taste are fixed.

How Cell Activation Help the Development of Adolescent Children?

Cell Activation programs for adolescent children and young adults are focusing on helping them to achieve the best possible physical, intellectual and mental development. A detailed physical examination including biometrics and setting a goal for expected height, weight, chest circumference and abdominal circumference should be set initially and communicated with the individual and the parents. This will prevent over weight gain and obesity and associated lifestyle diseases. Underweight or overweight can easily be treated at this age because it will be in the initial stage and youth will be really interested to keep an attractive figure and willing to take effort for it considering the body parameters and aesthetic considerations. Necessary laboratory investigations are to be done to find out nutritional deficiencies or any other health problems and correction to be done at the earliest.

Learning and actively practicing Cell Activation at the start of adolescence will help in achieving best possible body proportions (height, weight and shape) and intellectual abilities for the person. optimized nutrient food support with optimal nutrition and cell stimulation will support the youth to develop the best of their abilities and help in achieving their goal in terms of education and career.

Regular monitoring and assessment along with parents will help to understand the strength and limitations of the individual and direct them in the best direction for academic, athletic and artistic development and help in selecting the carrier as per their abilities. This will help to balance the expectations of parents and the person thereby reducing undue stress and emotional conflicts for the individual and parents. Practice of Cell Activation in this formative and challenging years of growth and development from childhood to adulthood will help the person to avoid distractions and prevent substance abuse and addictions to a large extent and grow up to his/ her full potential.

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