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CAP for stroke recovery

Stroke recovery & CAP

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  • February 06, 2020

Derailed immunity and increased inflammation, aberrant blood clots and atherosclerosis of blood vessels induced by hypertension and toxic effects of elevated glucose, cholesterol, toxins in food, etc are the root cause of stroke. Prevention and control of overweight and associated inflammation, hypertension, dyslipidemia, hyperglycemia and other risk factors for hypercoagulability of blood and blood vessel damage, can prevent stroke.

In this era of sedentary life and plenty of empty high calorie tasty food which is poor in nutrition, giving an enabling environment to the patient to optimize their lifestyle is the major challenge in prevention and treatment of stroke. With cell activation protocol it is possible to give support for the individual in optimising the lifestyle and ensure optimal nutrition, stimulation and protection from toxins. This will help repair and regeneration of damaged brain cells and blood vessel cells thereby support the patient for a speedy recovery and prevent recurrence.

Contrary to earlier beliefs, latest studies show that some neural progenitor stem cells persist in the adult brain and continue to produce glial cells and neurons throughout life. Newly formed neurons from these regions participate in learning, memory, olfaction, mood modulation and repair of damaged neurons and support cells of the nervous system.

Being a lifestyle disease stroke is preventable by optimizing lifestyle. Optimization of lifestyle is crucial for recovery from stroke and to prevent recurrence. Ensuring optimal nutrition, stimulation and protection from toxins is vital for repair and healing of damaged brain cells and to overcome the causative factors like hypertension, atherosclerosis etc.

Cell activation support with the help of optimized nutrient compositions and oxyflex activity protocol can ensure optimal nutrition, stimulation and protection from toxins to the stroke patient and help them to recover faster and control and reverse the predisposing health issues like hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia etc and help prevent another stroke in the future.

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