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  • February 06, 2020

Cell Activation protocol for elderly will give optimal nutrition, stimulation for all muscles, joints and internal organs with improving oxygenation and circulation and cell support by avoiding toxins from food and body care products. Easy to eat/ drink optimized nutrient food and drink are formulated for easy absorption and are ideal for the use of elderly and convenient for caretakers. Cell Stimulation practice can be done in a lying /sitting position in the comfort of a soft mattress/ on the bed and is designed to stimulate all cells and organs in a systematic way. Cell stimulation practice will increase muscle and bone mass, improve balance, reduce chance of fall and fractures.

Usually aging effects are most noticeable on skin especially on face, neck and hands as wrinkling and sagging. Special face, neck, hand and feet stimulation methodology and Enfoms skin and hair nourishing products will keep the skin healthy and reduce wrinkles and sagging. Essential fatty acids and vitamins in the optimised nutrient oil skin care nourishes the skin directly and has anti aging properties. The key to health is keeping the balance of lean body mass to fat mass optimal and keeping the omega 3 and 6 fatty acid ratio around 1:1 at cellular level.

Cell Activation practice will reduce the speed of aging in each cell of the body and reduce aging signs and weakening of the body. It is a simple and practical way to keep lifestyle diseases away and therefore will increase mobility and quality of life of elderly people, reduce fall, fractures, medical expenses, sufferings due to diseases and side effects of treatment.

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