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  • February 06, 2020

To start with I would like to provide an overview of the need for lifestyle optimization as an integral and vital part of modern medical practice.

Latest research and accepted understanding of the role of lifestyle in a growing number of disease conditions, being modern medical practitioners it is time to think how to encourage and support healthy lifestyle modulations in our patients to reduce the need for medication and surgical interventions for lifestyle diseases.

As a medical practitioner I have in particular focussed on counselling patients for correcting lifestyle to improve the efficacy of results in my patients. In my practice and study it was found that relatively the safest, more effective and practical interventions were in the areas of nutrition, physical activity and reducing the toxic exposure of the body. The evaluation of patients’ health and various health parameters provided by current diagnostic tests was surprising and promising.

As we all know, whether it is nutrition, physical activity or body care products, it is practically very difficult to counsel the patient and for the patient to distinguish and follow the advice. Therefore generally it is difficult to get consistent and reproducible effects by lifestyle corrections. To this end I started with an understanding of our current medical education and its focus on lifestyle diseases and the present context of lifestyle corrections in modern medical practice to develop a standard protocol for lifestyle optimization with reproducible results including the three major aspects of lifestyle – nutrition, physical activity and reduction in toxin exposure.

I recognised that as we specialize in our modern medical practice our focus is rightly on saving lives which we are becoming more and more successful by the day. Now, there is a relatively greater opportunity for patients as individuals to play a more proactive role in managing themselves to prevent disease and help overcome it by actively engaging in clinically supervised lifestyle correction.

With advances in modern medicine growing in areas of diagnosis, medication and surgical intervention a corresponding advance utilising the latest knowledge in science and medicine in counselling and correction of lifestyle with corresponding support will go a long way in making modern medicine even more beneficial and effective. It will help to reduce the stress on our healthcare system which is stretched to the limits and often is not able to satisfy the demands.

Equally important modern medicine practitioners will be contributing to maintaining the health of the patient throughout their lives rather than when the patient is only facing a health issue. This will ensure preventive care to be more effective as well.

The advances of modern medicine in prevention of communicable diseases which was a game changer can be repeated in the case of lifestyle related diseases as well with great effect.

Here the role of the family practitioner/ general practitioner comes to the forefront as the foundation on which modern healthcare can make the greatest difference to the population.

In an age where sustainable health care and responsible health care are gaining prominence as we see the western model of health care becoming unsustainable when faced with the huge and growing requirements, especially with respect to lifestyle diseases.

We as modern medical practitioners will have to play a more active role to devise ways and means that will help to improve our healthcare system as well as make it more universally available with minimal need for medication and surgical intervention.

Lifestyle correction protocol in medical practice and the experience.

My treatment protocol which has been provided to the patients is basically a lifestyle optimization protocol focussing on providing optimal nutrition, physical activity and protection from toxin at cell level developed by myself and my associates. There are no drugs involved in it. The goal of this approach is to optimize lifestyle and thereby optimize health and minimize the use of medications and surgery in health care.

Optimized nutrient composition based foods, drinks and skin care are the primary components in this approach. These are based on three patent applications published in Patentscope and in national patent journals of India and other major countries like USA, Europe, Australia, Canada etc. 1. Optimized Nutrient Food Publication number- WO/2016/035095 A1. 2. Optimized nutrient oil Publication number-WO/2016/071927 A3 3. Optimized nutrient salt Publication number- WO/2018/146697.

The optimized nutrient foods and drinks given to support lifestyle optimization and to ensure optimal nutrition for the patients are devoid of any added colour, preservatives, taste makers or any other food additives of no nutritional value and is made under license from FSSAI.

The oxyflex activity protocol is a gentle, breath regulated, segmental activity pattern done on the bed to ensure optimal stimulation to cells and improve circulation and thereby to ensure nutrient reach and removal of metabolic waste from the cells. Oxyflex activity protocol is developed on the basis of an unpublished copyright registered book authored by me and my associates ‘Cell activation for health optimization.’

Hippocrates father of modern medicine is purported to have said. “If only we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little, not too much we would have found the safest way to health”. This goes very well with our commitment as medical practitioners to give great care with respect to the nourishment of our patient as espoused in Hippocrates’ oath as well.The aim of lifestyle correction protocol is to provide optimal nourishment and exercise at cellular level to fulfil the dream of Hyppocrates on safest way to health.

Considering the current lifestyle factors and toxins entering our body through air, water, food and cosmetics; in this lifestyle optimization protocol protection from toxins also have given due importance. The food and skin care provided to support lifestyle optimization should not have added preservatives, colours, flavours or any other additives of no nutritional value to reduce toxic load on the body.

We all agree with the fact that in this current sedentary lifestyle and easy availability of high calorie, taste enhanced food and resultant derailment in nutritional status, change in the body composition and immunological derailment is the root cause of this alarming increase in lifestyle diseases. Scientifically and logically the first line of management for any lifestyle related disease is lifestyle optimization. To make lifestyle correction practical this approach provides an enabling environment and support to the patient who is suffering from a lifestyle disease or those who want to prevent lifestyle diseases and help optimize health.

As a medical practitioner in the field of women’s health, gynecology, obstetrics and infertility, I had the opportunity of understanding the importance of lifestyle optimization and maintaining optimal weight for improving the pregnancy rate in infertilty, reducing abortion rate and preventing pregnancy complications.

Additionally my studies revealed to me that a good number of drugs we prescribe gains its effectiveness by blocking the omega 6 fatty acid pathway at various levels. The shift in the omega 3 to 6 ratio in modern food was an eye opener for me. The latest scientific research and understanding on the significance of essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6 and the role of their derivatives eicosanoids and docosanoids and how their interactions control our body functions at cell level lead to the development of optimized nutrient food and oil.

The understanding that most antihypertensives work either by increasing sodium excretion or by increasing potassium retention; DASH diet recommendations on sodium and potassium intake; importance of maintaining sodium potassium pump at cell level etc lead to the development of optimized nutrient salt.

The effectiveness of this lifestyle optimization protocol can be easily tested and proved in type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes patients within 2 hours in 5 steps. 1. Check the fasting blood sugar 2. Skip the morning diabetes medications 3. Do oxyflex stimulation for 20-30 minutes 4. Have the optimized nutrient break fast, 5. Check PPBS after 2 hours.

Additionally my experience with active lifestyle correction in patients showed the parallel benefits in the patients with respect to different parameters of their health as their health gained optimisation.This can be understood when we realise that a lot of the health problems associated with lifestyle usually occur simultaneously but may not all be equally manifest to the observer or patient.This was the reason how lifestyle corrections manifested in simultaneous improvement over a range of health conditions with varying time frames.


The lifestyle optimisation program which I have devised as my contribution to help healthcare overcome the major challenge of Life Style Related Diseases is known as the Cell Activation Treatment at my practice.

If lifestyle diseases are a reality and lifestyle correction is a possible solution and if lifestyle correction under medical guidance helps reduce medication or surgical interventions and provides clinically verifiable results and benefits one may come to the conclusion that this is a version of improving and optimising health to help treatment outcomes and reduce the dependence on medication and surgery.

My strong belief is that we modern medicine doctors are obliged to promote lifestyle corrections for prevention and treatment of lifestyle related diseases for patients under our care and to the general public. While mass scale physical activity is being promoted of late and we ourselves often take part in the same a more ongoing involvement in all aspects of optimising health may even help increase our longevity in the service of society. Results of longevity studies among doctors in India, done at pune and kerala showing an alarming decrease in life expectancy of doctors, more than 10 years compared to the general population. Promoting a healthy lifestyle and minimizing the need for medication and surgery has supreme ethical importance in modern medicine. We the doctors fraternity have an added responsibility to be the change that we want to see in society.

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