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Optimised Health & Cell Protection

  • October 21, 2019

Cell protection focusses on stress reduction of each cell of the body. This is achieved by reducing the avoidable functional burden on the cells physically, chemically and mentally. Our body is covered and protected from environmental factors externally by the skin and internally by mucous membrane. Inside this physical barrier the immune system has an array of defence mechanisms. Pollution and modern lifestyle create an imbalance in inflammatory and anti inflammatory activities of the immune system leading to lifestyle diseases.

Stress management has a major role in preventing lifestyle disorders. Optimal cell nutrition and cell stimulation improves body’s perception and ability to withstand stress. Cell protection measures help to reduce stress on the organs and cells.

Chronic mental stress makes changes in neurological, endocrine and immunologic functions leading to psychological disorders, endocrine disorders and immune system dysfunction. Stress relief can prevent stress related psychological disorders like depression, irritability and physical disorders like overeating and obesity which is the stepping stone towards an array of lifestyle diseases. Stress related neuroendocrine changes can lead to immune system dysfunction paving way to lifestyle disorders like diabetes, heart attack, stroke, cancer etc. Simple and easy to practice stress relief and relaxation methods are a part of Health Optimization Protocol.

Sleep hormone melatonin is involved in immune functions and has the ability to reduce oxidative stress. Artificial lighting and reduced sleeping time due to workload, time spent on social media, television and internet also contribute to immune function derailment as a result of reduced melatonin secretion. Removal of accumulated toxins inside the cells and repair of damaged cells take place mainly during rest and sleep, so chronic lack of sufficient sleep can lead to diseases.

Rapid increase in human population, industrialization, fossil energy use and modern lifestyle resulted in toxic load on the air we breathe and the water we drink. Atmospheric radiation hazards increase with ozone layer damage, atomic energy use and wireless technology. Food additives for preservation, colour and taste enhancement, refinement and reduction in fiber content of food etc add strain on intestinal commensal microbes, the digestive system and the associated immune system. Paint, perfumes, deodorants and smoke damages the lung and respiratory tract mucosa and associated immune cells. Cosmetics, hair and nail colour, body care products and cleansing agents put the skin and associated immune system under stress initiating diseases.

Many harmful chemicals get into our body without giving warning signs especially those in combinations masking taste and smell as food additives and ingredients of medications, cosmetics and body care products. Long term use of them will harm the body especially the immune system leading to immune dysfunction initiating cancer and autoimmune diseases or excretory system dysfunction manifesting as dark patches on skin, breathlessness, kidney failure, fatty liver and liver failure etc. We get sick when our immune system and excretory system cannot handle the challenges successfully. It can be in the form of infection, allergy, cancer, inflammatory diseases like heart attack, autoimmune disease like arthritis, organ failure like kidney/liver failure or obstructive or restrictive lung disease.

Cell protection measures are taken after studying the lifestyle to identify the risk factors associated with the individuals living condition. Lifestyle burden impact is very high on the skin cells. An ideal skin care product should contain only nutrients which nourish and protect the skin cells directly and protect the skin from environmental factors. Optimized nutrient food, optimized nutrient oil based skin care and optimized nutrient salt based drink and oral care helps to reduce the entry of toxins into the body, thereby reduce aging, inflammation, development of cancer and autoimmune diseases.

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