You will get a picture of the steps in the Cell Activation Approach for Health Optimization. This page will make it easier to understand the advantages of such an approach and will benefit how you handle your health problems with this new understanding. Hoping for a more effective and safer approach to your health.

Step 01 - Health Evaluation


The focus in this stage is the root cause of the health problem and an assessment of previous treatments and their results.


Detailed lifestyle history , physical check up , analysis of previous medical records and understanding the modes of actions of current medications to find out the root cause.
Time taken varies and is approximately 1 hour.

health evaluation

Advantages-Root Cause Focus

This focuses on the root cause of your current health issues and helps to understand the impact of optimizing health on these issues. Understanding the impact of personal , family , occupational and side effects and stress of current treatments etc are important for planning your treatment schedule and helping you to taper off your medications in line with progress.

Step 02 - Diagnosis


Recording of parameters of current health status in terms of symptoms , signs , laboratory evidence and other diagnostic parameters which are important for progress assessment and treatment planning.


Along with detailed history and physical evaluation further parameters necessary are obtained using modern diagnostic methods including laboratory tests , scanning etc for reaching an accurate diagnosis of the health of the body compared to desirable standards to assess the improvement in health status with treatment.
Time taken varies and is approximately 1 Hour.

Body checkup

Advantages-Latest Advances in Diagnosis

Latest advances in modern diagnostic methods like body composition analysis, metabolic age analysis, blood tests including PLAC test in cardiac patients and detailed blood tests for allergies and other diagnostic measures like ultrasound scanning etc are done according to the individual need. Our motto is do help at least do not harm. So we try to avoid or minimize diagnostic measures which have any negative impact on health. Tests which involve X- ray exposure, opaque dye injection etc which may have harmful side effects on health will be avoided as much as possible.

Step 03 - Cell Activation


After health evaluation, diagnosis and root cause analysis the doctor will set the treatment plan and targets for you and cell activation initiation can be done.


The principles of cell activation optimal nutrition, optimal stimulation, and protection from toxins and the importance of it in your life and its practical implementation will be taught to you with the help of audio visuals by the principal developer Dr. Jolly Thomson and the Life Care Team.
Time taken for the comprehensive treatment plan Phase 1 initiation is around four hours and you should be prepared for a disturbance free four hours fully dedicated for this step.
(After successful completion of Phase 1 if you desire you can join the second and subsequently the third phase to achieve optimization to a fuller extent.)

Cell Activation Program

Advantages-Safety Avoids Side Effects

The treatment is done under the supervision of modern medical doctors and latest diagnostic methods are used to assess health status before starting treatment and during the treatment course to assess progress. There is no possibility of side effects in this treatment approach as there is no medication or surgery involved. If the patient has allergic tendency, allergy tests are done initially and if the person is found allergic to any ingredients of optimized nutrient compositions alternatives are considered.

Step 04 - Follow Up


Follow up is done to assess the symptomatic and test based improvements with treatment and to assess the effectiveness of practical implementation of cell activation protocol and give support physically and emotionally.


Follow up can be done either by revisiting and direct consultation or by telephonic communication and consultation. Symptomatic improvements, blood pressure, blood sugar, body weight etc can be monitored at home and communicated over the phone. If you have a family physician or specialist consultant or a referring doctor you can have follow up with the doctor and take his advice about reducing your medications as your health improves, considering the improvement in biochemical parameters like blood sugar, lipids, enzymes, tumor markers etc.
Time taken varies and depends on whether direct visits or over the phone consultations are preferred. Visits to the specialists, family physician will need the appropriate time. Similarly diagnostic tests as needed will need necessary time.

medical checkup

Advantages-Effectiveness for Multiple Issues

You may have different health issues like diabetes, hypertension, overweight. underweight, fatty liver, knee pain, heel pain, lack of sleep, tiredness etc. This approach is to ensure in your body at cellular level optimal nutrition, optimal stimulation, and protection from toxins. So a single course treatment works to optimize your cells and your health. In the case of diabetic medication it may be possible to stop on the first day itself and other medications can be gradually tapered off with the progress in your health and body composition.

Step 05 - Re - evaluation


Re – evaluation is done at periodic intervals by revisits and communications to assess improvements, to check whether the progress is as per the targets set initially and to reset targets if needed.


Assessing improvements in symptoms, physical parameters, bio – metric evaluation, body composition analysis, metabolic age analysis etc are an integral part of these re – evaluations. Initially abnormal diagnostic tests are repeated in these visits to check the improvements from the treatment. Based on this health status will be re – evaluated and targets will be reset if needed.
Time taken varies and depends on whether direct visits or over the phone consultations are preferred. Similarly diagnostic tests as needed will need necessary time.


Advantages-Optimizing Whole Body

Providing optimal nutrition, optimal stimulation and protection from toxins with cell activation support at cellular level helps the growth, development and repair of all parts of the body and cells in your body at a single stretch. This is the reason you get relief from seemingly unconnected health problems by the same single course of cell activation treatment. The focus is to achieve optimal health on par with your personal and occupational needs physically, mentally, aesthetically and bring the metabolic age below the chronological age.

Step 06 - Future Optimization


With cell activation treatment once you overcome your troubling health issues, you may still aim to improve your health by bringing your metabolic age down further especially if you are over 25 years. To keep your metabolic age low you should keep the chemical composition of your body optimal at cell level.


Regular self assessment, weight checking and periodic health check up based on cell activation protocol to assess the physical status, changes in bio – metrics, body composition analysis, blood tests etc are done according to the age and health status of the person. The focus is on keeping the metabolic age lower than chronological age and minimizing the need for medication and surgical intervention. Health science and medical science are both expanding and so is our knowledge of the human body and risks from around us and accordingly we makes changes in the cell activation protocol accommodating the latest in scientific knowledge.
Time needed varies and depends on the direct visits over the phone consultations , diagnostic follow ups as needed.
(Those who opt for the next phase i.e. Phase 2 or Phase 3 will require around four hours and you should be prepared for a disturbance free four hours fully dedicated for this step.)

Future optimization

Advantages-Prevention of Recurrence

Once you achieve optimal health our focus is to maintain the optimal status and to avoid recurrence of the health problems by continuing the practice of cell activation principles in day to day life. Sustainable health care with minimum medication and surgical interventions is achieved by maintaining the body composition optimal and reducing the impact of toxins from around. Cell activation is created to support you in daily life to achieve this goal.

Our Approach For Medical Practitioners

Dear colleagues in the medical profession

” In all these years from our student period and in all CME (continuing medical education) and conferences we were hearing and talking about the need for regular medication for chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, psychiatric illness etc. Even though we all know that the first line of management for lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and even psychiatric diseases like depression is lifestyle modulation. Unfortunately we fail to motivate the patient for lifestyle correction, instead insist on regular medication. Now with cell activation support it is easy to optimize your patients lifestyle to prevent,treat and reverse these chronic lifestyle diseases.”

In Science Behind you will be able to get an understanding of the approach of Health optimisation by Cell activation for different health conditions and disorders.

Case Study is a compilation of sample patient cases where Health optimization with Cell activation has been beneficial for a wide variety of different health conditions and disorders.


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