Senior citizens and chronic medicines

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Senior citizens and chronic medicines

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  • February 06, 2020

The current medical approach of treating lifestyle diseases with life long drugs and surgery has increased longevity but the quality of life is getting affected and the extended life becomes a suffering for the survivor and caretakers. A person can enjoy life only while being productive and free of pain and discomfort. Surgery and long term medications lead to pain and suffering of many.

To improve the quality of life and reduce cost of medical care we should treat lifestyle diseases with lifestyle correction. Attitude of ignoring the lifestyle factors correction pertaining to diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cancer, stroke, heart attack etc and just concentrating on diagnostic test, medication and surgery will only help to increase the number of sick people in the society, suffering and economic loss. Scientific evidence clearly states that overweight/ obesity increases the risk of most common diseases affecting the adults and senior citizens such as heart attack, stroke, diabetes, breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, arthritis, asthma etc. We do health check ups for early diagnosis and start treatment, but no sincere effort has taken for correcting lifestyle which is the root cause.

The current approach of more doctors, more hospitals, more superspeciality hospitals for treating lifestyle diseases will only increase the number of sick people who are forced to live a suffering life. To conquer cancer/ heart disease/ any other lifestyle disease what we need is to create awareness on lifestyle correction. For sustainable health care what we want is lifestyle correction centers, which will reduce the need for more and more hospitals and super speciality hospitals .Simply put it is putting the informed choice between hospitalisation and health a fundamental right of the individual.This informed choice is only possible when the individual is able to recognise the dangers in lifestyle and in the various products and daily practices through the power of awareness, knowledge and healthy choices.

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